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Finally, the little V, gets the big A.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Caz V1, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. After 3 years and 70,000kms, the time has come to bid farewell to my trusty little Virago and make way for a new beast in my shed.
    I've been looking for an upgrade for ages, but various obstacles have always managed to get in the way, until now :grin:

    The stars have aligned and everything has fallen into place at exactly the right time.
    Large wad of cash saved, check :)
    Perfect bike that meets all of my needs arrives at work,
    (seat height the major factor)Check. :)
    Virago sold to a new learner, Check :)

    So, as of tomorrow, I'll no longer be V1 :p :cool: :LOL:

    I'm so excited, my cheeks are aching from grinning so hard.
    One last ride into work tomorrow and then the daunting prospect of commuting home in peak hour on my new beast.

  2. yeeeha noice, love the yammies
  3. The little virgin, gets the big assfcuking... ah dirty mind :p
  4. Congrats Caz!!
  5. The white background has made the tank disappear.
  6. congartzzzzzzzz
  7. Congrats Caz !!!!!!
  8. Boy, if you rode half the east coast on the 250, where will this beast take you???

    Congrats, lady, now just change your profile :wink:.
  9. nice!

    this one look nicer than the other style fz6 (the one with the different headlight)
  10. Whoohoo congrats, she finally upgrades (noice choice too) :woot:

    :dance: \:D/ :dance: \:D/ :dance: \:D/ :dance: \:D/

    So when we going out to play??? :wink:
  11. finally, the much anticipated day arrives.
    Woohoo! :cool:
  12. i've got the same bike but with the headlights no one likes!

    that aside, you will LOVE IT! the power is just rediculous compared to a little 250 and is a totally different ball game

    the power below about 5-6k is very manageable so its not going to scare the crap out of you, that will happen when you leave the throttle pinned!

    enjoy it
  13. I like those, well done.
  14. Glad you got rid of the Virago. I think you will enjoy your new bike, would be a lot nicer than a 250cc cruiser.
  15. Congratulations thats a nice looking bike, enjoy
  16. About time! Enjoy the new one. Can you do that standing up thing you always wanted to?
  17. lol, time will tell :wink:

    One thing's for sure, I'll be learning to get the front up :LOL:

    ummm, I can feel a cough or something brewing :wink: :twisted:
    might have to have a sickie..... what day suits you :twisted:
  18. WooooHooooooo!......very nice. :wink:

    wont someone be sittin' there like the cat that ate the cream.. :grin:

  19. Jesus. Wept.

    That is one friggin hot bike.
  20. "Finally, the little V, gets the big A." :shock: :shock:

    Ya know, at first glance at the title of this thread, I thought perhaps I'd just been booted out of Netrider