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Finally that PIA procrastinator Snowy gets his new M50

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by snowy, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. Have posted under another topic, but thought I should also share as a new topic.

    Ended up deciding on a M50 guys - 9900 ride away inc rego and taxes. many thanks to all posters and the access to the wealth of information and wisdom on Netrider.

    So here we are, the turmoil and pain in the arse questions have ended…I think…well for now anyway. As mentioned previously, even though I had some reservations over the HP issue (and prolly will still have), I realised that I was never going to find a bike that met, what was probably from the get go, unrealistically high expectations on my part, particularly given the dollars I was prepared to spend (However some points are probably still arguable I guess).

    So with this dissonance moment over, I took the plunge and invested in a new M50…yippee :) . Got the little beast Friday, and was pleasantly surprised with how it performed in the 40 kms home, particularly given the concerning results from previous test rides I’d undertaken – as a result, maybe my expectations were lower. This is where the problems lie at times, the stealers let you take em for a bog lap round the block and that’s it! It’s not really a test ride in the true sense of the word IMHO. Not sure if this only applied to me, but if its typical, then I think we have to redefine the term “Test†in Test Ride. I guess they are designed to be short to simply seduce, like a beautiful woman in a long black dress with a classic little slit down the side, not much to see, bur enough to get the primal desire juices flowing to want more...sorry to digress here.

    First Impressions
    So far I really like this bike, I’m glad I bought it, although it’s early days yet, and such words prolly don’t mean that much, given the fact that I am now biased by 10k. Hence one must be careful taking any notice of these words, I’m naturally more likely to praise its strengths and minimise its weaknesses to shell my ego, protect my self-esteem and reinforce my purchase choice. As objective as I can be though, I’ve got a really good vibe (no pun intended) about this bike.

    What I like: Yeah she (the bike, not the wife, gf, mistress or next doors ferret called Susan) was terrific on the way home, ride position was good, I felt they needed to come back about 25mm for me, the ride was smoother than expected, reasonably crisp throttle response, low vibration (but at highway speed, the bloody rh mirror was a blur, lh was perfect), low end torque pretty strong for its capacity, power was adequate without being exhilarating It handled really well, given the fact that it’s a cruiser (only pegged out twice in the bends, I am still getting used to this different ride posi and relearning cruiser limits). Fun factor really high, it’s such a nice bike to ride isn’t it?

    What I don’t like. Brakes are probably its biggest single weakness, an already well known facet of the bike. Oh why not twin discs up front at least? Geez how many more dollars would it hav cost at the factory? I reckon about 50 bucks, buyin at those volumes. And with the nearest proper competitor at 2k more, one has to wonder why such improvements would not be considered…I’m guessing the factory answer would be, “we are sellin heaps so why change anythingâ€.

    The seat could be better IMHO, another well known detriment to the bike.

    Starting the bike was also a bit of a mystery for me first time. You cannot start it in neutral without the clutch in, bizarre! Found this kinda odd as did the sales guy, but there you are, no warm up required. No doubt this will be the first mod.
  2. Congrats on the M50. Sounds like a great deal price wise. :)
  3. Good on you snowy you will just get a bigger smile the more you ride it l'm sure, you are dead right about the brakes oh well maybe they will inprove on the next model or two l have done 1500 klms on mine now and the engine is a lot smoother l want two change my seat to an all in one rider and pillion and a sissy bar
    my cobra pipes get fitted on monday just hoping they not to loud l have heard from some they are pretty loud
  4. Cheers cruizin, so please, please tell, what the pipes like man, you gotem on now right?
  5. no pipes not on yet they will be fitted monday 3/3/08 and a fuel prossesor as well
    droping bike off at smoko getting a loan bike to get back to work then pick up at about five for a 45 klm trip home in traffic mmm going to be one instresting trip l feel
  6. Congrats on the purchase Snowy. I am thinking of getting a M50 myself. Some really good deals on offer at the moment. I am just a little concerned that the 800 just wont have enough grunt for me. I'll just have to take one for a decent ride first to be sure.
  7. Congrats to your new ride mate, finaly- and a good choice IMO :grin:
    I decided myself for the VN900 (but that's a different story)
    Before you go for Cobra's check the forums (there must be some more specific forums) about modding the stockers. (I modded my stockers - it's pretty easy to do- and I'm happy with the result and it saved me a few bucks !!)
    The Cobra's are really loud !! (I have heard them on A VN900) Maybe you
    get the so called "quiet baffles" for them - just check the net and cobra's website. There are still Formula1 in Tamworth (check on them as well - around 950 mark for a VN900).
    Enjoy your ride and stay upright - There are lots of cagers out there !! :twisted: