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Finally, some good news for Pete The Freak

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pete the freak, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. Yo dudes,

    Just thought I'd post this for anyone who's interested.

    Don't know if you remember but I got hit by a car about three months ago and have been going through insurance/hospital/legal bulls@#t ever since.

    Well, it's all finally over. All the loose ends have been sorted and now I can get on with living it up again.

    I've finally heard back from Allianz, who finally got someone who actually knows about bikes to have a look at it.

    Instead of getting $3000 ($2500 payout, $500 salvage) for my Spada, they've agreed to give me $3900 ($3400 payout, $500 salvage), which is exactly what I paid for it 6 months ago. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    The guy actually said that he couldn't believe that such a simple case could take 3 months to sort out and he apologised profusely on behalf of the whole insurance industry, which I thought was a nice effort.

    Thanks to everyone who wished me well over the last couple of months, it's appreciated. Hope to see you all on the road soon.

    Now it's just a matter of deciding what to do next, considering that I've only got 9 months till my full licence and my G/F wants to go touring with me as soon as I can carry a pillion safely. Hmmm...
  2. thats great news, congrats.
  3. Good news.

    Why not just get another Spada?

    One of the nice things about older bikes is that their value doesn't drop so much over time. You should be able to sell it in 9 or 12 months and get your money back.

    You certainly don't want 9 months without a bike.
  4. Very good news to hear indeed pete. And good to hear the guy actually apologising for his insurance company.
  5. Great news mate.
    Makes a nice change, eh?
  6. Congrats!
    It can be tough to get your money out of an insurance company. Well done!
  7. YAY! All's well that ends well :D
  8. Good news, Pete, jeez Rome was built in less time that this saga!!! Looking forward to seeing you back on the roads of Sydney real soon!
  9. Good to hear Pete.

    While it's probably not the best tourer around, the Honda Deauville is a learner legal 600. Shaft drive as well. I took one for a test ride, and it was up in my list of potential bikes. Ample luggage space, and will carry 2.

    Or just get another Spada. Won't lose much value in 6 months.
  10. Good to hear you are fine! So do you think Allianz is a good insurance company?

    If you want to upgrade soon, so better get a cheap bike, then you wont lose much money when you sell it in short time, or even you dont mind to keep it till it wreck.

    As you are in NSW, a lot better than us in VIC, you can get a big bike which is learner legal, then de-strict it after you have your full licence.
  11. Great news Pete.
    Man suits can be hard to deal with.
    Sounds like an excellent result.
    I'd endorse Kaer's suggestion about the Deauville. A couple of very complimentary reports about them lately including the "Woose's: tour of Eastern Europe on one in the latest AMCN.
  12. Good stuff Pete - happy shopping! :)
  13. Good one !!
    Now for a Transalp? ( 2-up/ touring was mentioned there somewhere...)
    Fairly certain that the Trannie is a LAMs bike...otherwise a Hysung 650 maybe?
  14. Good news Pete. I bet that's a great birthday pressie!! :)

    :D :D
  15. Thanks to everyone.

    Appreciate your suggestions. The Deauville is a very nice bike indeed. Any other suggestions for my next bike? Here are the criteria:

    * Coming off my P's onto unrestricted licence - don't want something so powerful it will kill me. 650? 750 maybe.

    * My G/F wants to ride pillion all around the country with me, so MUST be a practical tourer. GSXR pillion seats are NOT comfortable.

    * Don't really like Suzu's, would prefer a Honda, but others makes will be considered. Prolly not a BMW either.

    * Preferably a V-Twin.

    * Preferably not a cruiser. One of the new style sports/cruiser mongrels would prolly do though.

    So what do you reckon? Should I go straight for the Goldwing? I hear they have a fully sick bro sound system. :LOL:
  16. Yep transalp is leaner legal. Same engine as the deauville.

    Transalp is meant to be a dual, while the doover is for the mid range touring.
  17. Glitch is right. Trannie will do everything you've described and more.
    No sportsbike, mind.
  18. So many comments, so little time.....................

    I'll resist the temptation but I will say enjoy shopping for a new toy.
  19. That's why I said "carry a pillion SAFELY"... :D