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Finally some customer service

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by rdt67, May 17, 2006.

  1. I've been in the market for a GT250R for a couple of months. Having spoken to all of the Melbourne PS dealers, not one of them was interested in negotiating at all.

    It all started with a phone call to the local stores, Melb, Ringwood, Geelong..........Not one returned phone call. Second was a visit, they wanted $7300 ride away and no one was remotely interested in anything less. I then let it lie for a week or two and decided to put a call through to their Geelong store. Left a message and to my supprise got a call back that day. (Well done Geelong). Initially they were not able to drop their price so I even started to look interstate. The guy at Geelong (Chris) was very nice on the phone and to his promise kept in touch. Long story short, last week I got a call from him to say he was going to take my offer further and was I still interested. I was...He did.... and over the phone we had a deal. Picked the bike up on Saturday, everything was prepared and ready to go. Received a call on Monday to make sure everything was OK and even got a letter thanking me for my business.

    I am not one to give praise all that often, especially when it comes to sales people. This guy was great to deal with, he was honest and even though it was a train trip to Geelong it was well worth it. Well Done Peter Stevens Geelong and it goes to show that sometimes the country may be better than the city for good deals.

  2. Good to hear a positive experience from a bike shop!

    Non metropolitan dealers often have to try a bit harder, might give them a look when I buy my next bike (soon hopefully)