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Finally scratched the chrome!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by ELX, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. Went for a little ride round Nebo and Glorious this morning on my freshly polished EL-250 and was just about to get back on the road to Samford from Glorious coming down the hill through all the tight corners. Everything was going great, had been dragging pegs on all the sharp ones and feeling nice and confident - and then came the trouble! Came to a fairly sharp left hander; its a nice corner as it comes from up high to down low in the apex, and back uphill again out of it. Makes leaning right over that bit easier! Anyway, I got it down nice and low, but unfortunately not quite back up again haha. The peg dug in a little hard and down I went. That particular corner, being quite low also tends to be a little damp. Lucky its a slow, tight corner and I was wearing all my gear so I came out with no scrapes or bruises at all. I was very scared the bike was going to be a scratched up mess but luckily after I pulled it off to the side, re-tightened the mirror and had a good look at everything theres only about $70 of damage (mirror, indicator, clutch lever etc). Seems like the mighty EL was built pretty solid. Something like that has been on the cards for a while I guess as I've been riding since 06 with no dramas (not including close calls!) up to now. In any case I'm just glad it was a nice slow one with no injuries to report. Very happy to see how well the kevlar held up on my draggins too, the denim by itself really would have done nothing - and that was at under 40 kph! Anyway lessons learnt - don't eat so many scones at the cafe on the mountain or you'll be to heavy for the bike and throw the weight balance off :p Oh and perhaps don't try and drag your knee on a cruiser on a wet corner...... Ridesafe everybody!

  2. Sounds like you're riding a little hard to be getting around on a cruiser, mate.