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Finally Riding Again After a Hiatus

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Charity, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. Hi All

    My name is Julie.

    Just bought my second bike after over 10 years break.

    Bought a new R6 and have had it for almost 2 months and am thrilled with it!

    I was very surprised that i could still ride. I am no Valentino Rossi by any stretch of the means in fact i feel like a learner but with every ride i can see improvements in my riding abilities after stalling it many times after picking it up.

    Would like to get a lot better with slow speed maneuvering and cornering and overall confidence as i have stepped from a little cbr 250rr to this much bigger bike which i find much more challenging to ride. Any suggestions on how i may improve are most welcome, including finding some patient riding buddies

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  2. G'day Julie, welcome to NR.

    If you want to practice the slow speed stuff you could try joining the crew at Homebush on a Saturday. It is mostly learners but they do practice the slow stuff.

    Nice bike by the way!
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  3. Welcome back to riding and welcome to NR..

    Awesome bike there...and as above, learner sessions at Homebush are pretty helpful
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  4. Thanks for the tip
  5. Thank you and cheers for the tip
  6. Welcome to the forum.
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  7. G'day and welcome, JulieJulie. Congratulations getting your R6 and rediscovering motorcycling!
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  8. Welcome and welcome back! Once a rider, always a rider :cool:
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  9. gday CharityCharity and welcome to NR - good move getting back into riding, one you won't regret!
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  10. As a fellow newbie to this forum Charity, I'd like to add my Welcome as well !. Great bunch of people here ... lots of information and assistance when needed ... also lots of people to go on pointless rides into the distance with (although is ANY ride ... REALLY pointless ... who cares if you set out without a destination in mind ... :))

    Like you, I too have just got back to riding after a long break and also like you ... can't spend enough time in the saddle !

    Hope to see you around ... shouldn't be too hard to see that blue !!

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  11. Welcome back. I often take people meandering round the countryside including those new to riding.
    Yesterday a friend and I took 2 P platers (1 girl) on a 640km day ride and they loved it.
    Feel free to come along sometime.
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  12. looks like you've taken it to Nasho already.... thats not slow enough?

    you'll get there, stay out of the revs and it's probably not THAT dissimilar to your old 250. if I have a license next month I'll happily come for a ride :)
  13. Welcome, back on 2 wheels rocks, right!

    Now all you need are 2 mates to join Netrider with usernames Faith and Hope, and we'll have a trifecta!!
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  14. Welcome CharityCharity to the forum and the expensive but all-consuming pass time that is riding !

    Many peeps round the syd area to go riding with so no more excuses for another 10yrs without a bike! :)
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  15. I am often up for a ride... tho am always a bit shy.
  16. Havent taken to the nato yet as i still havent built the confidence yet for hills. But have ridden down to Wollongong a handful of times to visit my friend. You are right re. the bike being a little similar to my old 250 in some ways. Although my R6 as you can imagine a much nicer ride. The main challenge is the weight when stopped particularly in non flat sections, parking, moving the bike and also turning the bike at slow speed.

    Hit me up when you get your licence
  17. Thanks! Glad to be back. Nothing stopping you or anyone else changing your name ;)
  18. Metanoia. Dont be shy. Believe it or not i am sort of shy too! I embarass myself all the time. Just imagine me stalling my brand new bike all the way home from the dealership.

    I am pretty sure many people were thinking who is this crazy woman who cant ride. Oh well....
  19. welcome aboard :)
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  20. Haha, I'm sure it happens to everyone! I once stalled 5 times in a row at a traffic light, glad I was wearing a helmet that day to hide my shame.
    Which area in Syd are you from?