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Finally popped my bike cherry! (Image warning)

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Rastus, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. And here she is, my first bike - Yamaha V Star 250 :dance:



    Ignore the scooter - it's my brothers :p


    Had her since late last saturday, but due to insurance then the weather (didnt want first ride to be in the rain :p ), only just got her out and about today! And even after taking her for a few spins today, she's still shiny!!! =D>

    P.S. Wasnt sure about iamge sizes - external referenced, showed up fairly large on post preview, thought id better put a warning in the topic just in case.

  2. that's a beauty mate...- good cruising times ahead... :)
  3. Very nice & shiny

    Bit partial though I have a 250 Virago
  4. Grats :)
    I started on the exact same bike - same colour too!
  5. Thanks all :D At some stage in the near future, once i've worked up some road courage I'll hit up the saturday practice session... probably a couple of weeks off yet though!