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Featured Finally passed my Advanced Rider course (SA)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by LostTV, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. I finally got around to doing my Advanced rider course the other week and I passed!

    For those in South Australia this is how the course works.

    There are 4 slow tests and 1 fast, you can lose a total of 10 points on each slow course and you can still pass if you lose 20 points. 1 mistake on each slow course = -5 points. Effectively you could totally skip 2 of the slow courses or ride right through them without doing anything and provided you make no errors on the other 2 and the fast test you will still pass.

    I was pretty nervous on the day, and after we ran through all the drills and wached all the videos it was finally time to do the actual test. It's funny how after a 4 hour day the test only takes 5 mins.

    I was called up first, which in hindsight was a good thing as I just had to get on with it, even though I felt all eyes on me.

    At the starting point of the S turn I took off and kept her steady until the final bend... My front tire came out off the lines! Oh well, I laughed at myself and kept on as if nothing happend.

    Next up was the figure 8 U-turn, I actually smashed this quickly and was pretty happy with myself.

    Then I lined up for the cats eye weave, I found this part really easy as I practiced this a lot in general.

    Straight after that I was in position to do the slow straight. Now this one was harder than it looks! The instructor asked me if I wanted 5 second intervals as you have to ride in the lines for 15 secs for a pass and I told him yes. those 15 seconds felt like 15 minutes haha. I was near the end when he called out 10secs so I slowed down even more and althgouh i was wobbling more I managed to keep it in within the time frame and passed it.

    Lastly, the breaking at speed test. This was probably my favourite part of the test because it was the end and the only non slow part of the test. I got up to 30kmh in 2nd gear and held the speed until i saw the Instructors Arm come up. I broke heavily without sliding and down into first gear before the stop and stopped right next to him. He checked to make sure I was in first gear and then congratulated me on passing the course!

    All in all I lost 5 points from the very first slow manoeuvre due to my front tire coming out the lines but everything else was perfect.

    I still have a LOT to learn but I am so glad I finally passed my Advanced course.

    Hope to see you all on group ride soon :)
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  2. good job mate, well done! (y)
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  3. They teach you to go down through the gears braking? From what you said I assume if you aren't in first when you stop its a fail. Is that correct?
  4. You lose some points if you arent in 1st gear at the end of the stop, not a full fail. The reason they make us down gear into first is incase you have to come to an abrupt stop for whatever reason, you are prepared to take off fast incase the car behind you doesnt feel the urgency of not hitting you from behind haha
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  5. Thank you!
  6. Congrats

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  7. Congrats mate
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  8. Congratulations
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  9. Well done LostTVLostTV !
    I've only just done my Basic and what they give you when you leave as a heads up for the Advanced seems quite intimidating to this lump of fresh meat.
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  10. If we can find a road that is not washed away, it is time for a ride in the hills.
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  11. Congrats (y)
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  12. Nice work :)
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  13. Congrats :)
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  14. Haha yes it can feel intimidating! But my advice to you would be good to a car park some nights and spend about an hour practicing slow maneuvers and you will be fine! I used there bikes too, the dirt bike turning circle is so much better than my Ninja 300. So although I could do a uturn on my 300 the dirt bike was a thousand times easier haha
  15. Sweet!
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  16. Yeah my biggest issue is going to be finding the time working 60+ hours a week...
    I can see I'm going to be using up my whole 2 years!
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  17. Are there even 60 hours in a week? :eek:
  18. Oh? I thought you had to use your own bike for Advanced Rider Training???
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  19. Haha definitely not enough!
    I used to do 14 hour days regularly years ago but definitely feeling my 50th sneaking up now :sleep:
  20. Well done LostTVLostTV. I did mine recently as well. Didn't do as well as you, but passed, and been having heaps of fun.
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