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Finally out of my phone contract

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robbie55, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. After months of not having good coverage (since Nov '11) on two handsets I put in a complaint to the TIO on 21/2/12.

    Got the call today from the resolutions team and despite all the previous advice from the carrier that there was nothing wrong with my service and that "investigations had been conducted and not discovered an issue" they finally conceded that by looking through my call history and history of complaints that there was an issue and immediately agreed to cancel the contract. I didn't have to argue or repeat anything to get there it was basically a walk up start.

    For anyone else having issues I would suggest the following:
    1. send the carrier an email each and everytime you have an issue and provide the number that dropped out/you have tried to call/text or website you are trying to access and the location you were in when trying to call/text/access the network. They love every single bit of detail.
    2. unless you really need the $$$ resist the urge to accept a credit to your account and a promise that things are being worked on and will get better shortly. I did this initially and I think it lead to my complaint being centred around money rather than a genuine issue with the network.
    3. dont be reluctant to make a complaint with TIO it only takes a couple of minutes online - this is my second complaint to the TIO (one with Optus this one with Vodafone) and essentially all they do is send your complaint on in full the carrier - don't know what they do past that but the carrier seems more than willing to agree to your proposed solution when it comes through this channel even when you've made the same offer directly to them a thousand times before.

    Hope this can be of benefit to some others out there - I can tell you I feel enormous sense of relief knowing that I can move to a network that will actually work.
  2. I just threatened to go to the TIO to Vodafone, they asked how my service was unacceptable and I just told them to go through their database and check my 3G data usage for the past 12 months and they couldn't argue when they found I had used on average 25MB of my allocated 2GB.. let me out nearly 12 months early.
  3. Not too hard to do. I got out of 2 different 3G mobile broadband contracts. Optus and Vodaphone from memory. If you truly have sh!t service/coverage it's a non issue. They try to make it hard by putting you on hold for hours when you call, but a bit of patience sorts it out.
  4. So who are you going with in Vodafone's place?
  5. my understanding with the ombudsmen (from mates that work in the internet providers call centres)
    is its an small fine for every complaint, around a $300 fine if its stillt resolved. and another $$$$$ fine if the ombudsmen has to actually get involved.......
    so most companys will just give you $300 worth of stuff (routers, installers, free 12mths etc..) as its cheaper. or they release you from the contract
  6. I've got out of an Optus contract due to my home being in an area which doesnt get service. I was not informed of this prior to signing up.

    As they could not deliver on their contractual obligations, they terminated the arrangement.

    Have had some doozies with phone companies before (including having a $1200 bill reduced to $300). You just need to know your rights and their obligations
  7. This is the key.

    you must provide your carrier with an opportunity to resolve your issue prior to raising a complaint with the TIO - they can (and have) rejected referrals from consumers that have not genuinely pursued resolution with their provider first.