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Finally On The Bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Sheps, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. Hey Gang

    Well I'm finally back in Oz. Managed to do the DECA Pre Learners Course last Tuesday/Wednesday night in the driving rain. Certainly spiced things up when it came to E Braking. Was a very well run course and the XT250's were very forgiving. So passed through that ok.
    Theory Test Thursday morning. Such a laugh being thrown back in with the 16 year olds to do a road rules exam. Almost got tripped up by a question about multi lane round abouts. There is only one multi lane round about in Tassie for heavens sake... Anyway snuck through that one as well. Woohoo fully fledged learner motorcyclist.
    Today was an O'dark early wake up. On the QANTAS bug smasher for the hop across Bass Straight and wandering the Elizebeth St bike shops by 9am. By 10:30 I was quite an amount poorer however had all the gear to finally go and meet my ride for the first time.
    What can I say, if I met it in a bar I'd buy it a drink. I had a grin from ear to ear and prertty much sprinted to get my riding gear on and back to the bike.
    After a couple of new bike teething issues (You don't have to hold the clutch in to start an XT250) I was off with a wobble to practice my skills. 10 minutes later I was seriously doubting that I was going to hit the open road today. I kept at it though and after about an hour of practicing numerous stops, start, higher speed corners and lower speed corners. I gave myself a break and planned where I'd go on the open road. With a chicken snitzle burger under my belt I headed off to the Werribee Beach.
    Note to self, riding around schools at 3pm is not a great idea for your first day on the bike. It did give a baptism of fire for starting and stopping and avoiding hazards. Made it through in one piece so all good. Secondly was the serious wind coming in off the bay. I was suprised when I jumped on the bike how much drag you create at normal speeds. With 30kts coming off the bay it was a total eye opener. Knocked the old confidence over a little but on I went.
    There are some nice little bends riding around the water front. I felt like I was tipping into them quite well for my first day however the straighten was quite average I seemed to really struggle straightening up after the corner. Something to work on.
    Finally I returned back via the Air Force base a Pt Cook which I did a couple of laps arounds as it's like residential streets but super quiet.

    So all in all clocked up a tidy 100kms. Hit my 80km/h. Managed to stall only once (The GS must have a forgiving clutch). No dents, scratches or bruises on me or the bike, Got to be happy with that. Looking forward to tomorrow morning when I meet up with GreyBM and head down to the Learner session.

    First picture of the new steed


  2. Ohhh thats a bit creepy, same bike as me & almost the same helmet :)

    Well done on getting your learners & the bike, I can relate to the whole learner thing feeling funny, I had been driving for 20 years since I last had some sort of L or P plate on a vehicle...

    Will be seeing you tomorrow then as I will be heading to the practice session too...
  3. Welcome Sheps.
    So do you live in Tas and came over to buy/ go for a ride? Or you're back in Oz from Tas?
  4. Congrats Sheps.

    Keep us posted how you go over the next few days.
  5. They look so much nicer in black thats for sure!
  6. Congrats Shep, will we be seeing you at the learners practice session in the morning?

  7. that's one sexy looking bike! not seen the faired version in black, or if i did, i didn't realise it was the GS500!

    looks AWESOME
  8. Hey Gang,

    Well I've made it onto the boat after a fantastic first three days on the bike. I'd like to firstly acknowledge what a fatastic thing the Saturday Melbourne Learners Session is. I have no shadow of a doubt that the skills, tips and advice past on from David and Doug have made this trip easier and more importantly safer than it would have been.

    So obviously Saturday morning GreyBM met me where I was staying and spent a good half hour stooging around assessing whether I was good to go on the Freeway or if would head into St Kilda via the back roads. After a few tips here and there he gave me the tick for the FWY and we were off.

    Merge onto the FWY - upto 100km/h - Me think "Oh F&CK, Oh F&C, Oh F&, Oh Fine, hey I can do this!" Had a nice ride around the Melbourne water front and in no time at all arrived at training area. Another round of helpfull tips from David and then it was off around the challanging yet achievable course. Doug you'll be pleased your walking pace skills came in very handy while boarding the Spirit. It was a great way to spend a morning and meet up with some of the Melbourne team, A great bunch.

    Headed out to Sunshine next in my first small bunch ride. Coped a good buffeting form the wind on the FWY stayed relaxed and flapped those wings so the bike handled most of it for me. A big afternoon swinging spanners, looking forward to tackling my first oil and filter change now. Was also good to find all the point of interest on my bike.

    Sundays riding got put on hold as I was nursing my self through mother of all hangovers kindly provided by Transport Bar (Fitting I guess).

    And today I spent the afternoon exploring St Kilda until boarding the boat. Can't wait for tomorrow morning to head of down the Frankford Highway. Must check the weather actually.

    Thanks again to David and Doug and great meeting the rest of the clan.
  9. Awesome. Good to hear. Sounds like you've got it sorted. Stay upright and have fun down in snowy tassie :)
  10. Way to go Sheps, you're going to be fine.

    Just sorry that i picked up one really serious mistake at the last minute and kicking myself that I hadn't briefed you on it earlier.

    It's Left glove first!

    Look forward to catching up for a ride nest time I am in Tassie.
  11. Glad everything worked out for you. See you around when you're in Melbourne next or if I ever cross the strait to your neck of the woods.