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Finally off restrictions!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pete, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. Yep It's been 12 months today since getting my licence and I'm finally free! :dance:

    Unfortunately I don't have the ca$h at the moment for an upgrade, although I will have fun test riding. :wink:

    When I can afford it am definitly looking at another vtwin possibly a vstrom. :)

    I will certainly be celebrating tonight over a couple of JB's :grin:
  2. congrats mate!
  3. Congrats.... cant wait for my full license, let alone my P's!
  4. November cant come any sooner for me!
    Shouldnt wish my life away tho... cant wait to get my unrestricted license!
  5. Nice work :cool: Congratulations
  6. Who cares Pete, do you want a medal or something?

    Geez I come off my Ps next month, but do you see me raving and ranting on about it?
  7. Go to your ROOM!
  8. no coz your still on them :LOL:
  9. :jerk:

    A big thankyou to everyone else :grin:
  10. Pete

    Just let me exercise my jealousy that you've got your full lisence before me ok, its that to much to ask of you? sheez....
  11. Full year to go, already thinking about a faster bike LoL