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finally..new tar.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Nel, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. the new round-about down from Nel's house, is finally getting new tar. after two weeks of blue metal road base and the scarrified surface on the roads leading in and out of it.
    as you all can appreciate, i am looking forward to riding to and from my place without this hazzard.

  2. Paging Mr Joel. Mr Joel please contact reception for a rant. :LOL: .
  3. dam thats slow, they redid my street in one day, so now i have a nice smooth road outside my house, too bad theres only one sharp corner thats blind
  4. +1 for new roads!! woot

    I wish they would resurface this set of roundabouts near a shopping centre close to my place. You can see your reflection on the road surface!!! and when its wet, im sure i could an ice hockey team to train on it..
  5. IT IS NOT MUDDERFUDGING TAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! ](*,)

    ;) :rofl:
  6. Lucky Nel, nearly all of the roads I travel on have been undergoing road works for months! Except the month when traffic was lightest as most folks were on holidays! Viola, now that everyone is back at work & school is about to resume so have the road works! I'm so over it! I have to tip toe my way thru the unsealed crap on my road bike then there's the scared asphalt then gravel on sealed roads. Lanes narrowed so that lane splitting or filtering is impossible! Grrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! Why couldn't the road workers have kept going & taken holidays when the work was completed?
  7. what was it frightened of?
    because production and delivery of raw materials ceases through this period, as, believe it or not, they have families too ;)
  8. Shall they have their xmas in march and their new years in june? :p
  9. Bugger that, the sods can have six days between Christmas and New Year's like the rest of us. :p
  10. we got 11 days in total, no bitumen deliveries means no action.
    but that is for us contractors....council/rta workers however :roll:
  11. sorry joel.

    my bad.

    nice new road now