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Finally my new bike!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by noodles55, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. Finally after weeks of trouble with the original bike I finally got my CBR250R today.



  2. Nice! Can't not like a black bike. (y)
  3. Fender eliminator and a shorty pipe that would be sweet as
  4. nice bike. Are you going to bring it down to Saturday practice? Would love to see it.
  5. very nice... I do love these in the flesh. Same as the little ninjas. You can really get some nice LAMs bikes can't you!

    And yes, that pipe though, obv change asap hehe
  6. I quite like the pipe.
  7. When I'm not such a pussy and can handle traffic :p

    All in due time. Just got the thing today :p
  8. Very nice. All nice new and shiny :) Enjoy. Be good to hear how it goes. Looks great in black!
  9. Nice bike,
    I actually dont mind the pipe it fits the angular looks of the fairing and such well, a round aftermarket pipe would just look out of place on it imo.

    Congrats though!
  10. don't put a pipe on it... its a single. it'll sound like absolute poo

    Looks pretty nice though. Those mirrors are pretty funky :D
  11. nice bike mate,
    Fender eliminators, Pipe & I think Pig spotters instead of stock mirrors,, This bike will rock..

    Njoy ya ride,,