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Finally! My little Motard!!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by WheelsLegman, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. So I got my bike yay!!!

    Im not confident to ride it much. Just rode it up and down the back street a few times lol I think it will take a little while before im game enough to take it to school. Its very cool though :). I have to say all the safety gear is annoying as its so restrictive, with the pants on what was almost a flat foot is now tippy toeing hard to swing leg over. When im ready there are so many things I can do to it, first would be to put a new pipe on as you can hardly hear it inside a car, so of course for safeties sake...Any advice for a new rider? Like practice drills maybe?

    As I never did an intro post I think Ill do it here to save multi posting. I like music, guitars and motorbikes and now I finally have a bike im very excited. Im also a civil engineering student, (was thinking about switching to mechanical because im so interested in how bikes work but thats prob not a good enough reason). This forum has already provided me a lot of help so thanks a lot everyone!

    [​IMG][/URL] Uploaded with ImageShack.us[/IMG][​IMG]
    By sexybrunette123 at 2012-08-13

    By sexybrunette123 at 2012-08-13

    By sexybrunette123 at 2012-08-13

    Im thinking to either keep this 250 stock or have it as my project/hobby bike, maybe 350 big bore, drop a tooth on the front ( for wheely-ing, in a safe controlled environment only) rejet carb etc. Anyway, thats a long time off happening so wish me luck for just learning to ride it first!! :)
  2. Love the bike. They look amazing. Used them when doing my Learners course and they're really easy to use. Have fun :)
  3. I see you are based in Vic.. melbourne?? if you have saturday mornings free get down to sat morning practice (click for link) to meet a few people and get some practice and advice riding around the cones and other challenges.. :)

    Find someone in your local area to escort you down if you would prefer.. but other than that.. find a nice quiet set of back streets and or a car park to go and get comfortable in.. practice avoiding things and stopping :)

    then move slowly but surely onto bigger and busier roads.. but only at your own pace :)

    OH.. and .. HAVE FUN! (the gear will soften up so dont panic)
  4. Nice, shiny blue bike.
  5. I'm the oldest here so....

    Are you hot? :D

    Great bike, great attitude....

    Be safe out there....welcome
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    a chick on a motard


    before you know it you will be jumping cop cars and be the leader of your own urban hooliganism supermoto gang
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  7. good stuff!

    i just converted my dirty to a tard... get out there and have some fun! :D
  8. going off her photos she smoking why are all the good looking ones down in vic
  9. WELCOME!!! good to see more motards out, we'll have to get all the melbourne tarders out for a ride sometime soon!

    what guitars do you play?
  10. Just a bunch of better blokes to choose from :)
  11. like **** just a lot of blokes with good body but **** all brains(not that i look at blokes)
  12. You do seem to have done your research though.. and faaark.. if the girls are after me for my body then all hope is lost.. i guess i could be considered "squishy and comfortable" though :) id be handy as a pillow if lost in the wilderness.. :)
  13. i'm in the same boat and on top of that there are no females this far north
  14. Yeah that would be cool! A gang of yards! I live near the hells angles HQ there's room for more gangs in these parts lol

    I have an epiPhone les Paul standard and a Gothic explorer and my acoustic is a fender hellcat
  15. Welcome!!

    Looks like a great first bike!

    As far as whether to keep it stock, or make it a project bike... I would give it a couple of months before deciding...

    I thought my bike would be my only bike, but i got bored of no power before long, and will eventually upgrade.

    The other thing to remember is that LAMS bikes have great re-sale... chances are you'll be able to sell yours and by a bigger one for not much more...
  16. im sure they won't mind, we'd be able to escape from them pretty easy though through footpaths and stuff anyway.

    nice stuff, i nearly bought a gothic explorer at one stage but ended up with a epi les paul standard bass instead.
  17. civil eng student soon to be superretard checking in

  18. The thing is I know I will want to stick with a supermotard style bike but I will be way to short for the more powerful ones like the Husqvarnas or Husabergs. e.g my bike is 850mm seat height and the others are like another 100mm dif. I can big bore the KLX to like a 350 I think..but yeah will def think about it before modifying anything to much.:)
  19. WheelsLegman, does this thread remind you of your engineering classes? Stepping in a lecture theatre as one of the few girls in the faculty and having boys go glittery when they see you haha.

    BTW congrats on the bike!
  20. I know that feel bro :( theres maybe 4 girls in my civil eng classes lol