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Finally ... My Keys, and She started first go

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by RainMann, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. After more than a month of lamenting my stupidity of losing my one and only key in a boozed up state in janurary, i finally got a call yesterday morning from Harley Heaven saying your keys have arrived.
    Even though I had school on i rushed into the city (cycled) to pick up my keys, about $40 for 2, and then rushed home, ripped off my bike cover and held my breath as i turned the key in my dust coated, spider infested bike. After a bit of cough and splutter she started up and after a little throttle manipulation she was idling happily. An unhappy huntsman and an indignent cockroach exited from withing my engine area, and after a quick splash of CT18 and the high pressure hose i was back on the road.

    After so much time it was just awesome, as ive been 'pushbiking' it everywhere as cars are against my religion.

    Maybe im being a bit over the top or something but im sure there are others out there who are used to riding everyday, then for some reason or another cannot ride for some time...
    Then that special day comes when you can finally get back into it.
  2. Hey there RainMann,

    it surely must only be us motorcyclists that wait with slight apprehension as we thumb the starter, half expecting our battery to be dead after an absence of use!
    It seems the low-amperage batteries that our bikes use die much quicker than the batteries in the cages(cars) after sitting still......
    I can relate to the key saga, you must have been fretting about losing your key.
    When I was young (19), I thought a bright idea would be to try my hand at being a motorcycle courier, and my first morning on the job, went out to my (borrowed) '81 Suzuki GS650, checked my pockets, couldn't find my key anywhere, spent an entire hour scouring the house, to no avail. Turns out the key had fallen out of my pocket in the grass in the backyard.......no key, couldn't start the job......no job the next day!
  3. know the pain of not riding..... IT's KILLING ME...
    i'm still running around the house in full bike gear making broom broom noises

    congrats on getting the keys
  4. yeah, i lost my key on a friday night, and didnt realise that it was gone until i had to start work early sunday morning. had to cycle 15km's to work and i was two hours late. i never found the origional key, probably fell out of my pocket when i took out my wallet when i had to pay my round or something
  5. Yeah I'm feeling your (now non existant) pain. I'm a daily rider and had an accident (not at fault) and have been with out my daily for 5 weeks. Luckily I got my trail bike back 2 weeks ago....I've been riding the traily unregistered (if your a cop I'm only saying this to look good :LOL: )....luckily it is road worthy and has a licence plate.....
  6. Congrats on the keys.

    Are you able to make duplicates easily? Or do they have some weird immobiliser or something?

    This is not a "I told you so" speech, but I always make two copies of the buggers when I buy a bike. Murphy says that either one key will vanish or your entire bike will be stolen. :p

    Damn that Murphy.
  7. I had my first bike delivered just before 5 on a friday arvo. I flew to melbourne for a week on saturday, all the time hanging out just to get back to be able to ride it! Then tassie being what it is rained for half the week when I got back :(
  8. for some reason when i got keys cut by locksmiths they never fit. the only way to get new keys was to order them in from the usa.
  9. I know exactly what you mean. ;)

    Don't own a car, and I'm a 6 (7?) day a week biker. Lost mine for a month as was REALLY glad to get back on it at the end! Can't beat riding - although I still borrow the odd car if I need to ship something big around... like PCs. :LOL:
  10. Have you got your phone number engraved on the key ring now? :)
  11. good idea, although i dont put any keyrings on it because the ignition is too close to my fuel tank, and it scratched it last time. i;ll get the keys engraved though.