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finally! my first wheelie

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by edgelett, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. ok it was more of a bunny hop but my boyfriend says it counts as a wheelie!

    Riding home, filter through to front of traffic at the lights & pull in front of the lead car. SO the driver doesn't like that there's now a bike in front of him & starts revving his engine. trying to intimidate me.

    Lights go green, I open up the Hornet & accelerate through to 10,000prm, then kick it into 2nd. however i ever happen to go over a small rise in the road at this exact point & end up feathering the clutch just a tiny bit.

    Front comes up only about 10cm off the ground, then touches down gently.

    not much of a wheelie but i was excited anyway!!!!

  2. Hooligan.
  3. terrorist.
  4. Welcome to Awesome!

    Here's your complimentary samurai katana and Ninja Turtle's PEZ dispenser.

    Pleasure to have you aboard.
  5. he he he - the bike made me do it!

    only problem is i LIKED it

    and I'm thirsty for more
  6. :rofl:

    Well done edgelett!
  7. Good work, welcome to the club. :cool:
  8. If your trying to guess how high the front wheel was on your first wheelie, i'd hate to say but your guess is way off but none the less, you did well. :)

    And way to go on giving us bikers a bad name! Punk! :furious:
  9. some one got bit by the wheelie bug.... :)

    mad feeling aint it....

    just be careful
  10. :rofl: Lock her up! And well done Edgelett :grin:
  11. good one
  12. YAY well done...
  13. better hand in your license before you kill someone ya hoon :p
  14. Remember we have Hoon laws here in South Aust.
    We don't want that beautiful hornet impounded

    but seriously nice work on the wheelie.

    next you have to try with a pillion.
  15. Wish I had the power to wheelie! :p Good work!
  16. You do?
  17. well done tash, now for practice in a controlled ;) ;) environment, on a closed ;) ;) road :LOL:

    ....i wish i had a bike that would wheelie :(
  18. I feel sorry for you joel, Your bike wont even wheelie with a 52 teeth sprocket on the rear.
  19. yeah that's the problem isn't it? I didn't do it on purpose, and have no idea how to do it again!

    oh well, will have to head off to a closed road to practice practice practice!