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Finally - my first Sprint

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by neirbo, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. Well I finally sold the GS500F and XR6 Turbo ute and got myself one of these ...

    http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz13/neirbo/Triumph Sprint ST 1050/TriumphSprintST1050_091101.jpg
    2009 Triumph Sprint ST 1050

    I knew the day I test rode it that it was the bike for me. It had everything I wanted, and avoided all those things test riding other bikes taught me I didn't. I tried the Japanese 1000cc bikes, the Hyabusa and a ZX14 .. all were nice, but I felt like I was laying on a skateboard heading head first down the street. The Sprint has a much more upright sitting position meaning less stress on my wrists, and with my intentions of heading off on some touring, was a big tick. It felt the size of bike I wanted for my large frame, and I felt comfortable the moment I put my leg over.

    The sound of the triple is hard to describe, but it's got me hooked.

    I picked it up late on Saturday afternoon and headed west from Parramatta, not wanting to turn towards home, and ended up in Katoomba before I knew it. Wow - what a bike! I sat looking at it parked for a while before I thought I better head home before it got too dark. Only about 200kms in the first 3 hours - slightly disappointed in not spending more time on it on Saturday, but knowing this is going to be a long relationship.

    I decided to get up early on Sunday and get a little more familiar before taking it to work this morning. I headed for the National Park forgetting about the City to the Gong bicycle ride. Got through most of the cyclists and headed into the Park - getting half way and being turned around by a nice police woman who seemed annoyed that I had interupted her reading. Anyway, headed further south and headed up the Macquarie Pass. What a great ride, and after doing this so many times on the GS, I finally felt like I had a bike I could really enjoy this fantastic ride on. The ride down was just as much fun. I was forced to head for home and attend to a few things in the afternoon planned before I had arranged to pick up the new bike this weekend. (damn commitments!)

    This morning's trip to work seemed a whole lot more enjoyable and I spent almost the entire day watching the clock counting down the hours til I could get back on. How tempting to just ride past the front door when I pulled into the street this evening!

    Very much looking to the coming weekend and getting out for a decent long ride.

    Thanks for reading my dribble - I just had to share with someone!
  2. Think I might have spotted you on the Pass on Sunday. Nice bike, the Sprint.