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Finally! My first bike!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by daiakuji, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I dropped it :-({|=

    Picked up my Blue 09 Ninja 250R (callin her Kasumi, since she was sorta a blue ninja :p) just this morning. After the dealer washed his hands of me, I practiced riding up and down this street next to the dealer. After doing one lap and trying to park near the curb, I forgot to pull in the clutch and down I went.

    After spending about 1-2 hrs going around in circles and building up my confidence, I managed to take it home down from Kograh, down Grand parade, around Foreshore and home. It felt so good to be on the rode and riding that it washed away all my cares (except I was keeping a wary eye on cars to the left and right of me).

    Felt so good coming home..I might be off to ride again before someone comes in and asks "The hell you doin on the forums? GET OUT THERE!" :music:

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  2. Congratulations on the new ride - she looks great. Don't stress too much about the drop. Everybody drops their bike sooner or later, especially when they are new to riding. If you haven't already got some oggie knobs I'd seriously think about it.
  3. Hopefully this is the start for you of a life-long love affair with motorcycles! Congratulations dude on a fantastic first motorcycle, practice defensive riding and enjoy the ride!!
  4. Hi! What a shame about you dropping the bike... I was thrown in the deep end in the midst of the busy Great Western Highway traffic... Lucky I had a few mates to escort which boosted my confidence so my bike came home scratch free! Alto and Bikebiz are both connected to busy traffic roads!

    Anyway very nice Ninja. The blue scheme looks so much nicer in real life! Peace.
  5. Congrats !

    Looks great ! No wonder they've been best sellers of late.
    Done worry about the drop, it's all part of the learner's experience. :D

    Enjoy !
  6. Thanks everyone!

    Zenali - I'll check out Oggy Knobs, hopefully the MCAS has them in stock.

    Speed - Haha I think I'm bout to marry the bike...but then again I might end up cheating on her in a few years =/ Working on my slow speed maneuvers and gear shifting. So far, I've been fortunate with weekend drivers so I've been stopping/slowing down way ahead of time. Once I get more confident, I'll start breaking a bit more closer to the stop

    Camp - Sucks to hear that Campo =/ It's a bit heart wrenching to see the bike on the ground but once it's up and running, it's just an awesome feeling! I had my parents driving behind and we didn't have any road racers/ragers so it was pretty smooth. Even a dude in a ute gave me a thumbs up haha

    Driven - Luckily, the drop doesn't have any major damage. A small scratch on the fairings, the left mirror has a couple of marks but asides from that..still looks as good as new :D

    Just drove it to the beach and man, the blue looks great against the sea
  7. I should have rephrased.. I never dropped my bike, but I was thrown in the deep end so had no choice but to ride her 40kms home but what a great feeling. Honestly I wasn't even thinking about dropping it, more trying to be aware of the traffic and everything else.

    Hope "Kasumi" treats you well!