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finally met another netrider

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by countrycruiser V6, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. Yay I finally met another netrider today. was at work today and wolfmother dropped by to say hello, great to meet you Andrew! sorry I couldnt chat for long mate. look forward to catching up with you and your missus another day hopefully. Should arrange a coffee run somewhere. the netrider numbers are finally growing up here in the country!

  2. Yes even we may drop by & pay you a visit @ work one day. Oh might be today, Mr Charmed has the day off.
  3. unless you were early you've missed me finished at 10 am. unfortunately on night shift at the moment. will hopefully catch you one day.
  4. :cool: :cool:
  5. Fear not Andrew, didnt even head over that way, went opposite direction.
    Went to Albury instead, via the Vic side. Been a while since went that way, theres a bloody round about @ the Logic site :LOL:
  6. It was good to meet you too Andrew. Able to put a face to the name now.
    We went for K.F.C at Yarra on tuesday night on the bikes, came home via Mulwala. Spur of the moment thing other wise l would have put a message out to try and meet Mr and Mrs Charmed, next time for sure.
  7. Ok, i'll be in Cobram weekend after this one all being well, may be on the bike pending weather, whos for drinkies?

    Hey Wolfmother, been to the top pub since the new owners? had a great night there a couple of weeks back, ended up at the zoo and walked home smashed in the pissing rain.

    Should know better at my age aparently, acording to the Ex :p
  8. Guys, PM for phone numbers.
    Just for those spur of the moment times.
  9. Ha even I know you better....they let you out of the zoo? Even I know you are an animal after of few :wink: :cool: :LOL:
  10. :LOL: yeah, I got the pics to prove it! :LOL:
    awww, just kidding woodsy, ya know i wouldn't do it to ya! :grin:
  11. Hey Woodsy. The top pub has the zoo you must have started at the bottom pub. Great spot it once was my old drinking hole( lived two minute walk too the pub two hour walk home from the pub.) till l moved just out of town
    Let me know if you do come to town l'll be in for a drink.