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Finally joining the Daytona Club!

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by DarkHorse, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. Since being on my L's when these bikes were launched I have lusted after them. I wanted one - it was the perfect bike for me.

    It made sense on so many levels - not a litre bike, so you get to use the clutch and gears. Handles like a 600, but bigger and torqueyer than an i4 Jap supersport. Different to the run-of-the-mill, but without the overbearing 'character' issues that the exotics are infamous for, not to mention the pricetag. I had never read a bad review, or even a luke-warm one. Everyone who had experienced it raved about it, both pro riders/journos and normal punters. There was a rash of netriders buying them, while I posted light-hearted but heartfelt jealousies at every "My New Ride" thread.

    It just seemed to tick all the boxes.

    Speaking of pricetag - that was always going to be the stumbling block. I'm not someone who often has large amounts of disposable income. My last bike, a 2000 K1 GSXR750, cost me all of $6500, and that took a while to save up for.

    Then it happened - the stars aligned. I did my tax late last year, got a bigger than expected refund, and managed to sell the old Zook. That gave me enough dosh to look seriously at very late model sports bikes. Then the end of a three year relationship meant I had a green light to actually spend it on said late model bike, rather than in the 'future fund' destined for diamond rings and mortgages.

    My shortlist was pretty simple - supersports and superbikes from the big four, another 750 which I loved, and the little Brittish wildcard.

    My first test ride of a 2008 Jet Black Daytona was pure fantasy. I felt guilty for wasting the guys time. The asking price was $2,500 more than I had, and I had very little prospect of making up the difference. Goddam it was nice though. It was spotless, shiny, tastefully and sensibly modified with plenty of scope for more, the chassis felt tight and the motor was mind-blowing - power to blow my poor old lumbering 750 away, and it came on with a rush I couldn't believe. It felt terrifyingly twitchy compared to my old barge, but that's one thing I was specifically looking for in an upgrade.

    I still couldn't afford it, so I kept looking.

    I looked at an 06 GSXR600 - which felt great. I just seem to fit Suzukis really well. The motor didn't have the kick of the Daytona, but it was nice and smooth and spun up really easily. Even on a tight little beach-side test run it was easy to get screaming. It was a bit rough around the edges, but the price was right. It made a good fall-back.

    It took all of 30 seconds on a CBR1000RR for me to decide that I didn't want a litre bike. There was nothing wrong with it, it just seemed that the levers on the left side were redundant. They worked, but I'd never use them. I want to ride a bike because I like RIDING them. Clutch, gears, the whole bit.

    Since Daytonas were now entrenched at the top of my wish list, I went to see another one. This one had me really excited. It was still too pricey, but it was the black and gold SE that made me drool when it was released. The owner had also blinged it out some more, with a CF and gold can, CF panels, gold levers... It looked fantastic, though not quite as mint as the first one. Unfortunately the test ride was disappointing - it felt the same turning, but the motor just didn't have the punch, that kick that had so excited me. The discussion with the owner made me more convinced that this particular example would be more of a headache than a pleasure.

    So I was stuck with one I wanted but couldn't afford, one I would settle for, one that was just wrong, and one that looked great but had every suspicious nerve in my body tingling.

    Then, of course, the aforementioned celestial bodies decided to tempt me. My girlfriend of three years and I decided that we wanted different things, and I got thrown a couple of financial lifelines I didn't expect. The end result:

    I am now the proud owner of a Jet Black 2008 model Triumph Daytona 675:

    These are obviously Trauts pics - I collect the bike on Sunday.
    Factory slip-on and tune loaded
    Techspec tank grips
    Fender eliminator and LED rear indicators
    Dark double-bubble screen
    1050 quick-action throttle tube
    Speed bleeders on all the (stock) braided brake lines
    Newish Pirellis

    To come:
    Crash protection
    Replacement rear shock linkage
    Rear seat cowl
    LED front indicators
    Pazzo/CRG/ASV levers
    CF goodies
    Powdercoat/Anodise everything not black

    And of course, lots lots more kilometers.
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  2. That is one damn nice bike. So jealous. More pics please... and well done for finally getting one, must feel great to have the bike you wanted for so long.
  3. As far as sportbikes go she looks absolutely beautiful. I do prefer cruisers but that is one nice bike and the specs look pretty good aswell.
  4. Commiserations on the end of the relationship but as with everything there's always a silver lining and that of course being;
    Congratulations on the Daytona!!!:biker:

    I'm not a sports bike kinda guy but I'm definitely a member of the Daytona admiration club as they're a damn sexy bike. I do have one complaint about them though. They look no where near as good in pictures as they do "in the flesh" which in itself is saying something as they're quite photogenic.

    Again, congrats.
  5. Ahh.. theres something special about Black!!
    Very Nice Bike..Congrats DH... Cant say Im jealous though! :wink:

    See you out on them roads sometime!
  6. Why?

  7. That looks very nice!!... must go faster than the magic carpet too (hanging on the fence!!) :D
  8. DarkHorse congrats in getting the bike of your dreams and ride it on my good days thru rain, hail or shine.

    I'm on my learners now and in a few years when I'm off my restrictions completely I may consider a Triumph of some sort.

    Triumph lately sure are making nice bikes and I really like the Street triple. Though I can imagine the Daytona would be a hoot to ride aswell.

    Was the carpet thrown in aswell. Looks like my parents Turkish carpet. Has to be a wog washing their carpet and then hanging it on the fence.
  9. FLUX made up some linkages with different specs that give the rear shock a more desirable rising rate. The originals had a tendency to buck the rider out on large bumps due to the rising rate being too harsh in the last half of spring travel i.e. from half compressed to fully compressed. Great idea from the man, and they are selling like hotcakes on the 675 forum. I got a set second hand but haven't got around to fitting them.

    Pazzos, I would assume are purely for cosmetic reasons.

    Darkhorse, welcome to the club! They are amazing bikes and I love mine about as much as anyone could love a bike. Hopefully, I'll never sell it. Well done! Is that STU's bike?
  10. Seems like spec sheet racing to me.

    Ride it first and see if you really need them. I've come to the conclusion that most of what the Pommie Triumph forums say about the bikes is bollocks.

    For my bike they tend to recommend Avons for example. Worst tyres I've had on it. Same goes with some of the suspension settings I've seen recommended.
  11. +1

    those daytonas are still the best looking bike around (well maybe the 1098/848 are close)

    I remember when i first saw chris' when i was on my learners - pure horn in graphite and black it seems too
  12. Welcome to the wonderful world of (black) Daytonas :grin:
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  14. Yes, I was being critical of making a major change to suspension geometry without having ridden the bike in anger.

    Also the whole Pazzo lever mentality just shits me for some reason. It's a bit like painting your bike red to make it go faster.

    At least he's got good taste in bikes.
  15. Cant really agree with your thought on the Levers, as the Quick Multi adjustment options plus that touch of bling that salivates the eyes, make your pride just that little bit sweeter to own!

    Now to go get some Red Paint!
  16. Just in case your fingers have a sudden growth spurt or shrink in the cold.
  17. Hehehe - Thanks all.

    ibast, the rear linkage is speculation on my part, but even on the couple of test rides I did the rear does need some working. The overwhelming feedback for FLUX's alternatives has been good, and the sheer effort he went to designing and developing them is impressive. There are a couple of threads on the Triumph675.net forum discussing the issue and solutions - and by the way that forum is pretty international, mostly yanks, a lot of brits, about 100 aussies, and a few euros thrown in as well, so you get a pretty good spread of attitudes and ideas - and they pretty much all agree that it is a weakness that needs addressing.

    As far as the levers go - I fitted a pair to the Zook a couple of months before selling it, and I loved the feeling of the shorter levers, and the customisability (?) of the reach. They just fit and felt so much nicer and more precise than the stock levers had, so that's plenty reason for me. The fact that they look a WHOLE lot better than the ugly, clumsy, silver stock levers is an added bonus.
  18. ..And it doesnt stop with my fingers either!! :smileysex:
  19. Don't worry about what any of US think, it's YOUR bike and YOUR money. If I had money I would be doing the same things!
  20. Is that what colour yours is, must just be dirt covering it then!!! lol