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FINALLY......it's mine!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by BitSar, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. Not the best photo - but here she is....

    For those of you who know me you can understand the thread title :D

    Can't wait for the weekend to spend some time in the saddle and get to know her better (y)
  2. Congratulations. Enjoy.
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  3. Well done Black Kawaski good chocice it was worth the wait I am sure
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  4. Yay! how exciting! so clean!(for now)!
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  5. Hahaha....not wrong there - especially as I am a rain or shine commuter rider (y)

    Cheers everyone - aaaahhhhh I love motorcycles!
  6. Well done bitsar
    great looking set of wheels ;)
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  7. JEALOUS! :p
  8. Nooo, not jealous, perfectly happy with my 250 Hyo :cheeky:
  9. nice lookin bike, the wait has been how many weeks, days, hours, mins??
    worth the wait though :)
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  10. Will we get to see her on Sat?.
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  11. Congrats BitStar looks awesome!
  12. Thanks guys and gals :D

  13. Thanks mate - heard you are out of action, bike written off? What happened - PM me....
  14. Congrats mate!
    Can wait to get her bigger sister (black Z750) fixed and on the road. Been off the bike for over 3 weeks and I can't understand how I managed to be bike-less for over 10 years!
  15. Nice one. Looks great!!
    I can't wait until March to get mine out and about properly!
    Restricted until then :(
  16. Yes, Finally! Congrats!!!!

    Looks BLOOODY Awesome. (y)
  17. Test road the sister - lovely machine
  18. Thanks Libran......see you Saturday no doubt?
  19. Well done BitSar, look forward to seeing it on Saturday. Looks like the wait was worth it :)
  20. Well done mate, looks great (y) looking forward to seeing/hearing it this Sat :)