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Finally... It is Registered :)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Pom80y, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Bought my first bike about 2 months ago, but it needed a bit of TLC to get it back onto the road legally.

    It had been out of rego for nearly 2 years because the previous owner had a slight mishap and never got round to putting it back together.

    So it went from this...

    To This...





    I plan to take it out soon and take some proper photos of it.

    I know its just another CBR250RR, but seeing as there are so many cheap parts available for it I thought it a good idea.

    Hope to see some of you out and around the Newcastle Area.
  2. I'm about to get my bike registered. Out of curiosity, what exactly do they check in the road worthy?
  3. Well Done!
  4. nice job :grin:
  5. nice job.. now you 'know' its yours.
  6. Wow! Pics!

    Look at this talented bloke.
    He can fix bikes AND make a thread that isn't a shithouse waste of everyone's time.

    Is that top fairing sourced as is from somewhere, or is there a very awesome paint-match-job in play?

  7. I dont have the copy of the blue slip anymore but I really dont think there is too much to it. Tyre condition, VIN and Engine Number, then just the usual lights and mirrors crap.

    I would assume a noise test as well...

    As for the top fairing, was sourced from Hong Kong, from a guy I found on eBay. The colour isnt an exact match, but I ordered a whole new kit to put on. I havent yet put on the new rear, I just wanted to get it onto the road :)
  8. Yeah, I am sure some nazi mod will be along shortly to cull the FIVE photos though! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. Nice, good work mate. I hope you enjoy riding it. Just be sure to ditch those arrowshit tyres as soon as you get the chance. :)
  10. I think the bike in the first pic has the same type of front fairing and screen as Loz's.
  11. Looks great! Worth the effort. I had heaps of fun on that bike. And it's a good thing having so many around, parts are easy to get.
  12. Sweet bike dude :!:

  13. Heading to the mechanics for a complete service soon. CAn anyone reccomend what I should be asking for? Bike has just over 20,000 klms on clock.

    Also, I am going to change the tyres at the same time, what shouls I look for?

    As you can tell very new to the world of two wheels...
  14. ROFL !! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: