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Finally, it arrives.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grunter, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. After waiting patiently for 6 months, my new bike arrived last week.

  2. Nice bike.

    Are 1098's on special or something?!?

    That's 2 NR's with new ones today...
  3. Cool.. Can I ride it? :) :grin:
  4. Nice bike, that pillion seat looks comfy :butt:
  5. Nice bike. Needs a feed though :LOL:
  6. Ship from Italy must have just docked in ^_^
  7. Mate, what a super looking machine! Did those cans come factory with it also?
  8. nice bike dude!
    you've got termi's on them ALREADY??? (unless u did the 1000k's in one week :shock: )
    Dealer told me i had to wait till at least the 1000k service!!! and this sydney weather isnt helping me either!
    Im envious!!!! :grin:
  9. Sweet bike dude! I'm jealous!
  10. Just wait till you hear the bike with the termi's on taibo, awesome sound! l got mine straight on, dealer didn't mention anything about waiting until the first service. Enjoy your's mate!!!!