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Finally I own an "real" bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by AshR1, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, posted in the "New Riders" thread but thought this is possibly a better place for it, (and I can keep it updated as I go along with more pics maybe some mods if they happen etc)

    Well I've been eyeing off the 07 R1 since the first rumour photos started coming out, and after a year of putting it off (and moving jobs and towns didn't help with finance originally) I finally own one.


    ^my new baby

    But it wasn't without more waiting after I actually bought the bike that I could get it home and more waiting till i could ride it.

    So I bought the bike on the 29th Oct this year from Clipstone Yamaha in Ringwood. (great people to deal with and so friendly.... possibly because I was giving them 17k) but they were really helpful etc, and I got the bike for a steal $16,999 on the road, (as they were running out the 07 models) so great timing for me, but I was going away on holidays for two weeks for my mates wedding in Townsville but to get the deal I had to "purchase" the bike before the end of Oct, so did that then jumped on a plane in the afternoon for my holiday planning to pick up the bike Monday two weeks after I bought it.

    So on the holiday (as it's for a wedding) we had a bucks day the friday before the wedding (wedding saturday) and went ice skating before we were going out for tea... needless to say I didn't make dinner that night as we were playing Ice Hockey, in going for the puck my feet were bumped from under me and my cheek broke my fall.

    So broken cheek (which I found out later) in toe came back to Victoria (by car) to have an op to put a plate in my cheek on the day I was supposed to pick up the R1 :(

    so went on the saturday to pick it up on a trailer (which worked out well because it was crap weather)

    Then couldn't ride it because I wasn't sure if the bruising would be so good in a helmet untill I checked with my surgeon in a followup this Tuesday past. He gave me the all clear to put a helmet on, so first thing I did when I got home was changed into bike gear and ran out the door with the biggest grin I have had on my head in ages.......

    needless to say the R1 has soooooo much power (well anything would compared to my 89 CBR 250 Hurricane) but it's so nice to ride.

    Just doing the run in thing atm and will do an oil and filter change next week and then we'll be all set for a summer of fun with my new toy ;)

    More pics to come when I get around to taking them
  2. Really nice bike mate! I'm just not sure whether I envy you or not! You have a weird kind of luck! :p
  3. hehe thanks man.

    Well it's my first and only broken bone (and no more thanks :) )

    I've posted a couple more pics in the garage too
  4. Welcome to the club mate!

    Just drop in a PC111 with dyno and a pipe and your flying!
  5. mmm green with envy, except for the fact that I'd probably kill myself in the first 5 minutes on one of those weapons :).
  6. yeah you just have to take everything cautiously till you're used to how they handle etc, same with any new bike I guess :)

    lol Thanks for the welcome :) I'll see how I go with the bike stock for a bit (is a big step from 250 to 1000) but when the time comes to mod this'll be my first place to check ;)
  7. Congratulations on the wicked biatch you picked up. [​IMG]


    Unfortunately (for me), the price drop has come 8mths
    too late. :cry:

    Be mindful of what the right hand is doing dude & you'll
    have nothin' but fun on the upgrade. [​IMG]

    Just a pity you live so bloody faaar away! [​IMG]
  8. Oooh aaahh.... very sexy! Congrats Ash :grin:
  9. hehe thanks all for the warm welcomes :)

    I'm hoping to be available for the melbourne members christmas BBQ, so I'll hopefully see most of you down there at that :)
  10. Nice bike, well done Ash..

    But wheres the rest of the engine.. :LOL:

    Only joking mate, they are one quick machine .. :twisted:
  11. hahe thanks man, yeah I'll need another 1500cc to compete with you and your two bikes

    Edit: 1300 I can't count lol (and I forgot 250 for my other bike so down to 1150 :p )
  12. Nice. Very nice.

    I'm as jealous as...as....well as a guy that can't afford a new R1 I guess.

    Just out of curiosity. I looked at one of these 2 years ago. I've been riding (insured) for 15 years with no claims and am substantially older than you and was quoted $2500 p.a for insurance. You must be paying through the nose OR live in a good post code ???
  13. yeah I live in shepparton and have a clean record so I'm paying around $1700 through Yahama (swann) I thought it was going to be much more :)
  14. Nah they are very easy bikes to ride despite their deceptive quickness.
    Best brakes in the business and wickedly fast but very rideable slow.
    Only reason I don't like them is they are inline 4's and I'm definitely a twins kind of guy. (My brother in law has one and I've ridden it often)
  15. That's not bad at all. You'll be in for a surprise IF you ever move down here (Melb) tho. Insurance companys hate big cities, especially those with tram tracks.

    I would think there'd be some great roads up around Shep where you'll be able to give yourself some thrills, without bringing the same attention to yourself. (+ safer)
  16. yeha not many twisties though, but really good clear straight roads to get used to the bike :)

    and it's only a few hundred kms from the wangaratta - mansfield roads apparently a 500km round trip so I'll be trying that out when we get a nice weekend.
  17. my mates got an 2007-R1, awesome to ride.

    We are heading to phillip island at the end of december to do level 1 superbike school. From all reports it is well worth doing, maybe worth a thought down the track.

    Its going to be 3 night trip. day 1-Albury to Cowes (via Manisfield & Reefton Spur), Day-Course, Day 3-Cowes to Omeo (via no highways and up Dargo road, Day 4-Omeo to Albury (via Mt Beauty and Mt Buffalo). Can't wait.
  18. man that sounds like an awesome ride

    yeah I'm planning on a course sometime soon (but my december and Jan is booked up solid atm) so probably early in the new year. I hear they are well worth it for gaining confidance in corners and bike control :)
  19. Nice bike man :grin:
    I still dont think I'm hoping on a 1000cc anytime soon though.
    Like Hornet said... I'll probably kill myself... hahah
    Enjoy your new bike man.[/b]
  20. Hey mate congrats!! new bike looks nice! glad your loving it, i know how that certainly feels!
    Just ride safe mate, i don't want to hear any average stories of drops or stacks!

    Spose running in thing is a good ey, i had to do the same on one of my bikes a while back, gives ua good chance to learn how to ride it slower.....hmmm all this talking of riding makes me want to go for 1 now... bloody work!! and the weather is soo good atm also!!