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Finally! I found another bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jd, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. :woot: :dance:

    As some of you may know I've been looking for a bike for a while, even before the untimely death of the Baby Kat (remains of which are still for sale BTW). Had been looking at something to use as a base for a cafe racer but it's quite difficult to find something that combines the good handling/light weight all proper cafe racers should have - with something that can tackle the long straight runs on the highway that make up a fair percentage of my riding (given it's an hours ride to anything even remotely resembling a decent corner).

    Still might try and build something later on for fun, maybe based off a cheap 250 or something but for now I figured something a little more practical for touring was a more sensible option. Always figured I'd know the right bike for me when I saw it, and sure enough that's exactly what happened when I saw this advertised for sale just 20 minutes from where I live. :grin:


    Apologies for the somewhat crappy picture, just wanted to take something quick before I started dismantling it. Once it's back together (and washed) I'll move it out into the light and get some better pics.

    Why the 750 Katana, well the main reason is simply because it's a Katana (and that in itself was almost reason enough to buy it). Of course it's also an extremely comfortable bike and seems perfectly suited to highway touring (once I chase up a rack for it). And although the old air-cooled engine isn't all that powerful by modern standards (only 80hp) it's the sort of thing that should practically run forever. Especially since it's only got 50,000kms on it :grin: (and no it hasn't clocked over - it's spent most of the last 10 years simply sitting in a shed). So mechanically the bike's pretty good, cosmetically it's got the odd scrape, scratch, crack, etc. but overall not too bad given it's age. Still got to get it roadworthied and registered but given it's barely moved since the last roadworthy don't think that's going to be a huge issue. So with any luck I'll be back on the roads soon, just in time for summer :cool:.
  2. What a ripper, looks like it will scrub up alright too. Congrats.
  3. That would make a mad street fighter! Chuck a turbo on that and it would own! :LOL:
  4. My introduction to sports bikes was on a Katana. Very fond memories. Nice bike jd :wink:
  5. Why, just have an XN85 like I have, factory fuel inj and turbo.
  6. Because they are impossible to find!
  7. Fantastic, jd, very happy for you.

    I take it the pop-up headlight still works too???
  8. Yep still works perfectly, was the first thing I checked ;).
  9. Katanas are hawt (and that's only partly prompted by burned-in memories of *that* poster) ;)
  10. Well done, you've picked up a real classic there. Please do a ride-review when you get it fixed up and registered :)
  11. congrats on the bike dude :)
  12. Pffft! You're showing off - that's about 50hp too much! :) (compared to my 500 thumper)

    Nice bike: plenty of 80s bikes are ugly, but this one gets it right - it's oh so 80s, but in a really cool back to the future kind of way.
  13. congrats jd,
    been a long time coming I'm pretty sure.

    I was wondering why there was no headlight on the front for a second.
  14. Well one day down and I've already changed the plugs, oil filter and oil (still have to source a new air filter). Should have taken a lot less time but the sump plug is 20mm and nobody sells 20mm spanners, just 19 and 21mm ones :tantrum:. Also managed to get the idle speed right, and think I've fixed the problem of the throttle opening fully everyime you turned the bars (must make sure that one's fixed before test riding :shock:).
    Next step is to try and solve the mystery of why it's so bloody hard to move with the engine off. I know it's a heavy bike but I suspect it's more than that - most likely either a dragging brake or one of the bearings is stuffed. Given the previous owner had just fitted new pads I'm suspecting the first one (both brake fluid reservoirs are well above maximum :-k).
    Just one of the many joys of classic bikes :grin:.

    Edit: Oh and im.on.it here's where the headlight went ;)
    (I really must stop playing with the headlight switch).
  15. Go on, admit it, you bought it just to get the headlight, didn't you :roll: :LOL:.
  16. Hey at the moment playing with the headlight and revving the engine is about all I can do with it, and I think the neighbours might be starting to get annoyed about the latter :LOL: (sounds good though :)).
  17. Good move there JD. Fine bike.
    But are you sure you really want to f%$# around with it? I mean they really are a classic design.
    Whatever, it's your choice. Next time I'm in the 'rat I wouldn't mind a squiz :wink:
  18. :? I have absolutely no intention of f%%#ing around with it apart from getting it running as well as possible and maybe trying to touch up the paint on the frame/tank where a little bit of surface rust is starting to form. Why would I want to mess with perfection.
    Oh and you're definitely welcome to check it out next time your up this way.
  19. nice job mate!

    keep the pics coming of when youre finished