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FINALLY have my new mirrors!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by mischiefmaka, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. Ok so its not a massive deal but ive been waiting for ages to get the adapters and then find the right mirrors.... their probably not everyone's cup of tea but i LOVE them!


    Have to do a bit of adjusting on the right one due to the vstar having a stupid right mount point that is Lower than the left one](*,), Thus lending the mirror to look at the ground, most useful...Was thinking i could use a spacer/washer? or something and see it that will give me the added height i need, dont have a heap of thread to play with but ill see how i go. ( any ideas there would be appreciated)

    The left one works well, pretty good field of vision given the mirrors size, they dont vibrate anymore than the stocks used to and i think they have completely changed the look of the bike.

    Also changed my rear indicators, talk about NAFF! Those things were awful, so that coupled with the V&H pipes means my baby is slowly morphing into what i want him to look like....Want some Double T bars and risers next, then new grips and im going to play around with the rear fender.... $$$$

    from this
    to this
  2. I thought you'd be more of a hearts girl than a spades girl. :) Good looking bling you've got there.
  3. haha More the Diamonds kinda girl actually :p ;
  4. Couldn't agree more on that and no they're not for me but I do agree that they remove the high level yawn factor of the originals. A small question relating to the rear indicators; are the OEMs the lolly-pop things visible in the second pic? If so, I have to say that the improvement made by fitting the bullet numbers is massive!
  5. they look better than the stock but id be a bit concerned about the sharp pointy bits if i ever had a fall :)
  6. hahahaha! looks awesome mischief!!!!

    congrats :D
  7. Now that's bling !!!! Goes puuuuuurfectly with your ride, mischiefmaka.
    I bet no f***er in a cage (or pedestrian, for that matter) gets too close when your roaming the roads/streets (y)
  8. Cheers guys, was actually hard finding mirrors that looked ok, didnt cost the earth and were still functional....Found loads that fit the 1st two categories but man there are some tiny and completely useless mirrors getting around out there!

    Goz- They're rounded at the end, not pointy like most, i guess they would still penetrate with enough force tho 8-[ Im not planning on falling off anyway :demon:

    Jester- Yeah the huge lollypops in the 2nd pic are the stock indicators , no idea whose awesome idea they were, but they're hideous, they put them on the classic too :jerk:
  9. I'm not a cruiser fan..the slow steering geometry just dont appeal to me..yet. They do look comfy though and it's a two wheeled freedom machine,so that makes you my brother/sister...or was it that cousin that the family dont talk about?
    I love seeing what people do to their ride to make it 'mine'. It's surprising how a few component swaps can make such a difference from the 'stock off the assembly line' look.
    So whats next for her? Bags/panniers..sissy bar..different handlebars...running lights..bring on the bling :)
  10. Probably a cousin from the family we dont talk about ;)

    " Angus" is a He :p, Nah, no panniers or saddle bags, no sissy bar either, i prefer the sleeker look...less is more.
    Dont go in much for the heavily kitted out cruisers.... No tassels or any of that jazz for my ride.

    Next up is some double T bars and risers, new grips , removal of the pillion seat and some rear fender alterations...Its all fun ;)
  11. They look really great. Some advice though, you might need locktite (dont know how its spelt) to hold the mirrors in securely. I put aftermarket mirrors on my baby a few weeks back, something like yours, and one fell off after only the second time I went riding with them, after vibrating loose.
  12. No necessarily Loctite, as odd as it may sound, marine grease works wonders, too. It's waterproof, anti-seize, and cheap.

    If you were to get Loctite, get the blue one as they have different strengths, I think the red one is permanent.
  13. That's sexy, nice work !!! Thumbs up from me :)
  14. Those mirrors make the old ones look pretty damn square dont they!

    I really like the improvement the new indicators have made. Do you recall what brand they are or where you got them? thanks.
  15. Amazing mirrors +1 to that bling.
  16. They look great! (emotional thought)
    But can u see good? (stupid logical thought)
  17. Looking good there Mischiefmaker,
  18. changing the stock mirrors and indicators does a lot to clean up the look of the custom. I'm going Burleigh rollerbars on mine with the same height and reach.. then I think it really is complete.

    How you like the V&H Cruzers?
  19. Elf-I used Locktite on them, used a red one that is for bolts and said it can be undone with hand tools, so i guess thats a happy medium for me ;)

    joedelosa-Yeah have good view from the left just need to do some adjusting with a spacer or washed on the right one to allow the height i need that side.

    tc2233-Got them from raw Customs up here in Bendigo- They didnt have a name just a part number, i picked them from a huge catalog 8-[

    diomac- LOve my pipes, i had those fitted 4 days after purchasing the bike, the stocks not only looked a bit average, they were also super quiet, my fridge could drown them out lol.
  20. The red one, aka Loctite 262, is classified as permanent/high strength thread sealer and requires heat and hand tool to remove. Since you like the mirrors so much that's probably a good thing.

    The blue one, aka Loctite 242, is classified as medium strength and can be removed using hand tools without localised heat.