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Finally have a bike!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by devochka, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. So after months of yabbering on the forums and splashing opinions around without any experience behind them... I finally have a bike!!

    :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

    Rode her down to Wiseman's Ferry yesterday with the Saturday Homebush Learner sessions guys (thanks for all your tips OzYoda and team!!) after we practised at Homebush. The ride down was fun, I learnt lots and the ride up was even more of a blast!

    Doing the cone weave...


    Parked up...


    And locked her up nice and safe whilst we went for a snack...


    I love my bike! :woot:
  2. I love your post
  3. thats gotta be great through the cone weave!
  4. Love the bike, Devochka, though I reckon it's safe to say that even a considerable movement of your beast would hardly set off the Xena alarm LOL

  5. Nice.

    I understand that's the bike Ducati built for Pedrosa to try out early last season when they were shopping for a rider.
  6. Post of the year Devo!!!!

    That is GOLD :rofl:
  7. ...can you sing 'I dreamed a dream' for me?
  8. I get my knee down and everything!!
  9. Nice bike, bravo=D> and Chef, you better do some cooking:nopity:
  10. We had a hard time setting the disc lock... that 8mm pin was a b!tch to get through the front disc hole!
  11. Hahahaha.. awesome.
  12. I'd be happy to whip something up for her
  13. Oh, and I can attest to Devo getting her knee down. In fact she had both down in the Wisemans Ferry carpark :D
  14. you are one funny lady (and a decent photographer, too) :LOL:
  15. jeez mate, could've got her a room

    5 star thread, love it
  16. Next week we'll get a line up photo!

    ETA: waaaiiit a second... any connotation here? :bolt:
  17. Snap!
  18. good thread, but why are u so ashamed to show what u really bought?
  19. My, how the mind boggles this instant.....
  20. your sex appeal just increased 10 fold, not that you needed it.
    i would like to ride that bike under a doonah with you.