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Finally have 2 wheels :)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Bosco, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. I got my bike on Saturday - Some of you may know it, as its TheYak's RVF400.

    I'm over the moon! :)

    All I can do is polish it and make it look nice for the time being haha :D

  2. Congrats, Bosco :grin: . I've seen first hand what that bike can do in corners - seriously impressive stuff! Have fun with your new steed! :cool:
  3. Well Done !
  4. Congrats
  5. yeah yoiu got a very good purchase there, and if you can ride it as well as tehyak one day you will be doing very well
  6. Dude, you really shouldn't have bought that piece of sh!t bike. You don't know what you've got yourself into. Oh Man!!!! I feel for you. :grin:

    Seriously, sounds like you got a good deal. TheYak will miss his beloved RVF until he finds something just as good to replace it.

    Good luck with your new bike. Hope you get the same amount of enjoyment out of it as he did.
  7. Will take me a while to get to that level but one day :)
    Won't be a hero now and chuck it down the road into a pole or something....
  8. Wouldn't have given you the key if I thought you'd go straight out and throw her down the road mate :LOL:
  9. Aaaaaaaah!!!!!!!! more weight on my shoulders hahahahaha

    Thanks again for everything.
  10. It's always good to see more local learners, welcome and well done.
  11. Nice choice :cool: . Congrats.
  12. So I've been sitting on her a few times and getting accustomed to the controls etc.. also where the clutch takes up etc..
    I have to do something while I wait on my gear/course :p

    I must say though the seating position is not what I expected.
    It's not like being shoved in a box but its just tight together... like I expected more leg room around the tank area but my legs pretty much have to sit up against the tank to feel right - mind you I have no clue what I'm talking about so i'm probably wrong :p
    It doesnt help that i'm a tall fella.. :p

    Anyways it feels really good and I can't believe how easy it is for me to touch the ground haha.... :D I was expecting me to be on my tippy toes...

    Its all good really and I can't wait to ride her.
    I had to make do with my own sounds whilst sitting on her in the backyard.

    Hope the neighbours weren't home :p
  13. Aah, your bike has clip ons (handle bars). Can give you a more forward sitting position. I sat on a few bikes with clip ons, the Hyosung GT650r was one of them. Still felt ok, having long arms helps :wink:

    Your legs are meant to hug the tank, that's how you hold on :)

    I'm 186cm and felt weird sitting on the CB250s at the Stay Upright course. Once you get momentum up, it's mega fun

    It's good that you can flat foot your bike, makes stopping a little easier. Also helps to check fuel level. Front brakes on, two feet on the ground and do the side to side jig :LOL:
  14. Took her out for the first time tonight.... OMFW!!!!! What an experience, I have no idea how I'm gonna sleep tonight!!! It was indescribable to be honest... just loved it!

    Had my first encounter with someone pulling out infront of me, but i anticipated it happening and already slowed down before giving the finger while behind them ( I know thats not a good thing :( )

    All in all it was awesome! Can't wait for the ride to work tomorrow.
    Goodbye having to fill up with 98 at the servo every week :D
  15. If you rode this morning, you picked a good day. Clear and crisp, traffic moving at a good pace.
    At it wont be the last. However, you will occasionally see cagers doing a head check when changing lanes, mind you, it was the only one I saw all week end.

    Finally got to ride with my brother and his friend on the weekend, Point Hut to Cotter to Uriarra. Apart from the two wheel tool who thought it a good idea to over take L platers during hair pin corners (and all double white lines too), it was a great ride.

    I saw them coming, but still wasn't nice when they were seriously looking to overtake as I've just tipped over into a corner. I stuck to my line like glue
  16. Yeah the weather was really good this morning when I left, but I just checked the forecast for the week and it looks like it may rain wed/thurs :(