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Finally Happening!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Happyrider, May 17, 2013.

  1. Today I made a deposit on a used 98 Virago 250. Am doing the Learner course next week. At last this is really happening. I can't quite believe it! Thought it would be nice to talk with other motorcycle enthusiasts seeing as the people in my life are barely speaking to me because they are so unhappy about me riding!!!

  2. Welcome to the fold. :) Where are you based?
  3. Thank you for your welcome! I'm near Ballarat, VIC.
  4. A few members up your way. Bit of a run to get to Saturday Morning practice though unfortunately. But perhaps worth a run down when you get a bit more experience.
  5. Indeed! I'll keep that in mind :)
  6. Welcome and enjoy (y) Hopefully the fam will come round once they see how happy you are :)
  7. Thanks. Great point! Yes I sure am happy - perhaps it'll be infectious over time:)
  8. hello your not to far from me
  9. It's a lovely part of the world to ride in isn't it! I can't wait to experience it. Such a lot to learn...
  10. Haven't you left yet?

    @swnapoleons I recommend you move...now...like, NOW! Lol.
  11. yes its a lovely world
  12. sunday babe you coming to the airport to kiss me good bye?
  13. Nah, sorry, I'll be in Bright.

    You can have a goodbye hug..

  14. Welcome to the fold :) (and I cant believe it hasn't been said already)

    Are You Hot
  15. Greg showed up...pretty much the same thing isn't it?
  16. Welcome to NR - my 1st bike was a Virago 250. Have fun & ride safe.
  18. Oh, and welcome from me too. Dont mind us...we're just nattering..
  19. Yes, I hope it is the first of an upward journey!! By all accounts they are great as a first bike - as well as looking awesome!
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