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Finally got the counter steering happening

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Jozlyn, Feb 7, 2015.

  1. I'm feeling pretty chuffed and wanted to share. I've had my L's for 3 weeks now and have been having huge problems with turns. A couple of days ago I watched a YouTube video that finally explained counter steering in a way that I understood! I had a couple of goes at it the last few days but it still wasn't happening properly, but today it just gelled and WOW what a difference, corners, all corners are no longer scarey monsters, unless they've got gravel on them, in that case they're still terrifyingly scarey monsters lol

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  2. Well done, it is really quite easy once you understand what your doing.
    Getting it right is a great feeling.
    Many people do it unconsciously at first, but then try to fight the bars.
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  3. Woohoo! Well done you. Makes a world of difference...go find a quiet flat park (I used to terrify everyone at the netball courts!) and practice doing esses's
    Was the youtube with that Scottish dude in the park with the horses?? I loved that one- probably the accent ha.
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  4. #4 Jozlyn, Feb 7, 2015
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    We went to the Kaniva Car & Bike show this morning and on the way home stopped at the big Nhill truck stop. It has a massive open, flat, bitumen area and I spent a fair bit of time just doing esses up and down and circles and stuff, sort of playing "follow the leader" with my husband and it was just amazing how good and smooth and RIGHT it felt. Unfortunately there's no where nearby like that here, but I don't mind the 30min ride to Nhill to practice ;) we're planning on taking some witches hats out there (once the weather cools down a bit, it's viscous hot at the moment and for the foreseeable future :( ) so we can set up a bit of a practice course type thing for me.

    It was actually and American one and he had line drawings that showed how it worked and that's when it finally made sense. Plus to remind myself, or set myself up for, say a left corner, I just quickly say, "Look left, push left (hand grip), lean left" and whoosh around the corner I go. I am SO stoked.
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  5. Thank you and yes it is!
  6. See if you can find the Scottish one as well really cute accent and chatters away and great demo
    I'm too special to paste the link on the ipad! But it is called motor cycle counter steering made simple. I have watched it so many times a never fails to make me smile!
  7. lol "special" :D I shall see if I can find it!
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  8. This is the one where it all finally made complete sense for me (I watched a LOT of videos):

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  9. Yep that's it!!! Ha clever chops!:LOL:
    Did you use an ipad...:( i can't figure out how to link stuff using it only piccies...old maid of course lol
  10. Now that you have the hands working correctly transfer the same understanding to your foot pegs,apart from anything else the "correct" way is fun. Well Done, I have known riders that even after years still cant come to terms with counter steering.
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  11. lol no, I'm on my desktop, I'm not good with an iPad either. Now MY age is showing :p
  12. Oldmaid, Maybe you should have done your practice AFTER the netball match had finished ;)
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  13. The problem with understanding counter-steering is that there are heaps of incorrect explanations of how it works, which confuses people.

    The good news is you do not need to know how it works, only how to use it. I don't know how my phone works, or any of my software and only vaguely understand my fridge. But I can use them.

    The real breakthrough is when riders first try a push left, go left and have a "Holy cr@p, it works!" Moment and a lightbulb switches on over their head. Up until then they had heard the theory but they probably didn't really accept until they had experienced it themselves.

    Once you truly understand and accept that it does work (never mind why) you can start using it and that is where the fun really begins.

    So any noobs out there who haven't truly experienced it, give it a go. Find yourself a place with a bit of room, an empty car park or a quiet straight bit of road, and try gently pushing the left bar , then try gently pushing the right bar.

    For those really interested in the why, the answer is simple - black magic. And that is all you need to know.
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  14. Totally with you there ;)

    Yep, that was the "moment" lol
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  15. try this for some old black magic
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  16. LOVE Santana!
  17. Gotta go to the source

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  18. How about the original :)

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