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Finally got the bike + first ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by axza, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. Hey Fellas/Ladies!

    I _finally_ got my bike!

    Nice silver zx2 with 2800 on the clock. I rode it home last night, with a few stopovers at non-riding mates places to show off.

    It was pretty scary at first in traffic as I've heard some horror stories, lucky for me, everyone on the road last night was pretty sensible, and I didn't have any moments where I thought I was going to come off - which is good as I'm still waiting on my leathers :)

    One thing I did find, was that my clutch hand gets REALLY sore after a while, just down below the joint. It makes it rather painful to change gears after a while, does anyone else get this or know of a way that it can be reduced?

    other than that little problem I'm damn stoked to be on a bike, I got up early-ish this morning to have a ride around before work, and to get in before peak hour hit, I just beat it, still a bit of bumper to bumper, but no where near as much as ~ 830.

    Can't wait to finish work to get back on it :D
  2. Maybe make the clutch lever a little lighter. Does it feel too heavy?

    Edit: I dont actually ride a bike yet, so you should probably ignore this post :)
  3. Just take it easy and yo won't have any problems. The sore hand from the clutch I would say will go away after a few rides, got to get your muscles in training.

    Enjoy and welcome to the road, hope too see you on a ride day....
  4. Congrats on the bike dude!! :D :D :D what model is it?

    As for your left hand, are you covering the clutch lever while riding??... you should only be grabbing the lever when your gonna use it to change gears (or pop a wheelie :D )!..... cos ur hand will get pretty sore if ur hand is ova the levers the whole time! ... just a thought :D
  5. Not sure if you know this already but you don't need to use the clutch when changing up through the gears, just cut the throttle, snick another cog and enjoy....
  6. Do you change into neutral while waiting at a set of lights? When I got my first bike I would stay in first while at the lights and had the same problem.
  7. good to hear your on the road mate.

    the clutch hand needs to be trained, it will get stronger the more you use it...

    note that when changing up (after 1st gear), most bikes don't need a lot (if any :eek: ) clutch - so just a dab with the finger will do.

    happy motoring
  8. Congrats on the bike, if you wrists are not kept low enough you'lll experience problems with soreness in hands and wrists due to having to roll you hands back over the controls when attempting to pull in clutch or apply front brake. Try and keep them as low as possible.
  9. I have been told that this places a lot of pressure on the gearbox by not using the clutch, but I am no specialist in this area.
  10. Nope it's fine if you've got a decent gearbox....(ie you wouldn't want to try this on a Hog :LOL: )

    Some MotoGP guys even do it down the box as well BUT that really isn't recommended on a road bike :shock:
  11. Novacoder, saw an interview with Troy Bayliss and he said he used to go up and down on his Ducati race pattern gearbox without using the clutch. Gearboxes were rebuilt every 750km so the amount of problems caused by not using the clutch was negligable.
  12. Welcome Axza - enjoy your new bike :D :D :D

    Your cluth hand will get used to the new movements and it will get easier, but the clutch can be adjusted if it is still being a problem after your first few rides. Someone on here should be able to tell you how! :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Congrats on the new bike, that was my first bike too, you'll love it! Put a pipe on it and it just screams with delight, I actually miss it a bit now :wink:
  14. Congrats mate, enjoy the learning experience.

    forget the whole clutchless change thing. You're a learner and that is a more advanced riding technique, even then there is great debate about the usefulness to a road rider and the health of the gearbox. I generally think it is a wank, how often do you need to save 1/100th of a second on the road? As for racers, they have this wonderful thing called a power-shifter which acts (sort of) like the clutch, the spark is cut to the ignition, reducing load on the box and allowing easier changes. It can also be programed to blip the throttle just prior to the change. They also have big budgets and a team of spanner-heads.

    Unless you have a physical problem it will probably just be sore muscles not used to the work you are putting them to. You could always buy a squeeze ball ;).
  15. I'm not trying to go faster.....I'm just lazy :p
  16. Just commenting generally, not pointing any fingers! :D

    Had a "discussion" with some folk at Overclockers, got pretty heated. One of the admins (I think he's an admin) thinks he knows everything there is to know about gearboxes because he raced in the past. You'd think he designed the bloody things :roll: . He was more a 1/100th sort of person.

    My take is that before you worry about that, you should learn how to operate the bike properly and safely. After that learn how to handstand on the tank for all I care :wink: :D .
  17. Hmmmm I might give that upshift - clutch thing a shot, can't hurt to test :)

    The clutch is pretty light (so I'm told) I will just have to get used to it, I'll also check my position on the handlebars, good point there!

    I'm so happy right now :D

    On a side note, I saw a few Adel bikers this morning, I've been reading threads about 'the nod' do Adelaideans conform to this?

    And, any zx2 riders able to comment on accuracy of speedo at low speed (60 - 70) it seems that i have to sit around 70 to stop people from trying to overtake me, or maybe it's just a bike thing where people feel the need to speed and prove something?
  18. Congratulations on the new purchase :)

    May it bring you much fun!!!

    I had exactly the same clutch hand experience for about the first two weeks of riding. It's probably just that your using a few muscles that have had an easy ride until now. I'd recommend you just plan your rides so you get breaks on a regular basis at first.
  19. It will be very inaccurate at higher speeds, should be ok at legal speeds though.