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Finally got off my L! now...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by gato, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. hi all,

    it's been a while since i'm here. been working hard and putting $ into the bikefund. suddenly the expiry date came up and so.. FINALLY. last friday i bit the bullet and went to HART for my license.

    i was worried about counter steering - couldn't picture it in my head. it was only during the course that i realised i was counter-steering without even knowing i was doing it. kept forgetting about turning the head though.. the lightbox mystery test was a little unnerving. which is it going to be, left or right or emergency break?!?!? :shock:
    anyway i passed. :D

    recently i bit another bullet and got my gear. leather jacket, draggin jeans, gloves and boots, helmet and back protector. all that from ringwoods peter stevens. i was taken care of by Emily. a special mention for her, she helped me out a lot, was very understanding + very patient + very pleasant :wink: picked up the last of my gear yesterday, now they are all sitting in my bedroom waiting to be used! i will definitely see her again for my leather pants.

    yesterday i went to my first bike check. i failed to shake the price. I tell myself to keep looking but i have been thinking about it. beyoootiful spring day, the motogp and all, i need to start riding!

  2. Congrats mate!

    I've been putting off actually getting my l's for a long time now but this week im going to book in to HART in Kilsyth as its real close to where i live. Any thoughts about HART and their program? Good, bad etc. Just like to get some feedback on their learners course.
  3. Congrats, that's got the hard stuff out of the way, now to ride!!!
  4. YEY!! Goodonya!!

    Why not look at the Netrider For sale threads???

    No, I'm not just saying that cos my bikes for sale.....

    Well, maybe a little bit :?

    And welcome Judas :p

  5. hey judas, thanks! i took both my tests at HART tullamarine. they were good, lots of practice time + important points enforced. the trainers i have had were good - lots of advice and corrections and they made the course feel casual and relaxed. there are 2 trainers, so the class gets adequate monitoring. the bikes are CB250, but feel like they are in good condition.

    i think there is a special going on now. if you bring a friend along, you get 2-for-1. check their website to be sure.

    i say go for it judas!

    thanks hornet600. the license stuff is tough, but i think looking for a bike is harder! :roll:

    thanks Iffracem. you selling the Across? thanks for the info. i looked at the For Sale section. i'm looking for a black VTR250. otherwise, a postie will do :LOL:
  6. Hi gato,

    Congrats! Hope to go for my license soon too!