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Finally Got New Tyres

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RT_300, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. I finally got around to getting myself some decent tyres for my ninja 300. After 10,000k's on the IRC Roadwinners that came on the (my god am I glad to be rid of them) I decided to go with the Michelin Pilot Street Radials (in stock sizes still).

    I decided to go with the Michelin's instead of say Pirelli Diablo Rosso II'S or BT003'S for a little extra life span.
    Might go with something a bit stickier in future when looking into track days etc, but for now these are perfect.

    After my first proper ride on them last weekend (only about 200k's on them atm) I noticed the difference as soon as I got on the bike.
    Much better feedback at all times and once they're warm they just feel as if they have grip for days. Even taking it easy I got to the top of dorrigo mountain (my "local" haunt on the weekends) to look down and realise I had already gotten rid of the dreaded "chicken strips" which no matter how hard I felt like I was pushing the IRC's still couldn't get rid of the last 5mm or so.

    In short if I can get towards another 10,000k's outta these I reckon it'll be money well spent (considering they were about $80 cheaper than Pirelli's), and the confidence these have already inspired in my riding is awesome.

    Sorry about the rant but I couldn't find anything really on the net about these tyres so I figured I'd be the guinea pig.
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  2. Wait till you get off radials
  3. Yeah definitely, I just wish there was a few more options in 110/70 and 140/70's so I can stick with the stock sizes
  4. Could you elaborate please? What are the options these days. Must admit to being an old fart here with older bikes, who has recently moved from cross-plys to radials (bike compatibility issues etc.), and I thought the difference was night and day.

    Is there a 'new' tyre technology I should know about?

  5. I bet your old tyres were shagged good and proper, a new set of anything would feel awesome,
    now you know the importance of having good rubber, don't let it get that bad in the future
  6. Ohhhhh yeah, absolute night and day difference haha
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