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Finally got my Wee (strom)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pete, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. Well after much consideration and debate I went into Mick Hone Suzuki yesterday and bought myself a brand spanking new DL650.

    Picked it up today and promptly filled it with fuel and took off for the Spur to run it in!

    Just got back and I want to go again. Was a bit cold up there but man did I have some fun. This bike is awesome! :grin:

    May do a full review sometime in the future.

    Here is a couple of pics. (gotta keep Ktulu happy!)

  2. Woohoo, have fun :D
  3. Very nice. Like the dash layout. Although that ABS light might be a bit freaky. :)
  4. Congrats Pete!!!!!
    you look great on it too :wink:

    WOOHOOO another Stromer

    Ok now get yourself over to the vstrom forum and join the Melbourne Stromers. Guaranteed Friendly group with great all rounder rides
    Tell Kiwi Tracey sent you :grin:

    If you need the contact details just send me a PM

  5. Congrasts - one of my favs :cool:
  6. Looks Great !!!
    Congrats mate
  7. Well done Pete - nice choice - am sure you'll have lotsa fun :)
  8. Congrats.

    Now all you need to do is bling it.




  9. nice... but I'd be pissed that they didn't fill the tank for you.. :roll:

  10. But they did, it had air in it. :grin:

  11. Thanks Tomohawk, Four40, Toecutter and VCM.

    Stromer, thanks for that :oops:, I will. Have already been in contact with Kiwi a while ago and Scott (smacastrom) sent me a PM a while ago too. Am signed up on both Stromtrooper and VSRI as petestrom. Have you moved to tassie yet?

    Thanks Donna, I'm sure I will too! :grin: Look forward to catching up with you for a ride sometime. Still haven't seen your SV!

    Garry, don't worry I have my wish list all filled out :grin: Just gotta find the $$ :wink: What size is your top box BTW? Would you recommend it? Does it bolt straight on? Did you have to do any drilling?

    Warnabrother, yeah it would have been nice. But I must say it really was the only blemish in a very quick and seamless transaction. Thumbs up to Ziggy and the team at Mick Hone Suzuki.

    :LOL: Garry

    Cheers pete.

    VTR250 for sale here! https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=53786
  12. not 1 bike leaves our shop without a full tank of fuel.. even the little 50's..

    oh well.. at least it's a fuel efficient bike
  13. Congratulations on your new bike! I got my DL650A on 2 months ago and am loving it - have already put just under 1600km on the clock and I still feel I'm just in the "getting to know you" stage - ah the thrill of new love!!! I had the following added: SW Motech crash bars, knuckle covers, centre stand and got a 39L Givi top box and also side panniers. Retrospectively, I wish I'd also got the SW Motech bash plate and will take steps to acquire one as soon as I can - have noticed a tiny stone imbedded in the grill over the oil filter already and don't want to risk anything more dramatic. I wish you (and all of us) happy and safe riding!

    PS. I have to point out that in real life I actually only have one chin - this is not a particularly flattering angle from which to have one's photo taken but heck - it wasn't about me - it was about the bike - and I think you can see that I was as pleased as punch to finally own it.

  14. To be honest, no idea as to the size but I have not seen a bigger topbox, so guess it is the largest R-Jays available. It was actually on the bike when I bought it but do know that the previous owner had problems attaching it and needed a few minor mods, but suspect that there were easier methods.

    Mine is just the Rjays and yes I woul recommend it as it has been totally waterproof and provides additional support should the strom want a lay down (the topbox protects the rear duct tail). As for size, not sure but it is the largest I have seen and was put on by the previous owner who did have problems, but I suspect there are easier ways to attach than that he followed.

  15. Yes mate I have been down here in Hobart on my own for 7 weeks now, kidless and hubbyless, but that all changes next weekend :( :p

    Seriously though they come down next weekend, Finally!!!
    I have been for a couple of rides with the locals but its not the same being on the ONLY ugly duckling on a ride with a bunch of sport bikes (hehe the bike I mean.....ok maybe the owner too)

    Enjoy your rides with the strom group, they really are a great bunch
    and I hope they are all enjoying the Aussie Strom get together this weekend in Cobar.

    Looking good Stromgirl!!

  16. Congrats on the bike mate!

    ... but you picked it up on Friday and you didn't ride to Cobar for the V-Strom gathering on Saturday? :)

  17. No worries, thanks Garry. At the moment I am strapping my old ventura bag to the rack, not ideal but it works. I like the look of the Givi 39 litre, might have to have a closer look at one.
  18. Congrats on the purchase Strom girl, nice choice! :wink:

    What is the top box like? Is it easy to fit? what is involved?

    I want one of those bashplates too, seen them up close, they look the goods.

    Oh and welcome to Netrider!
  19. :LOL: Great pic! Bet you had a ball!

    I did read about this and would have loved to have gone but.......wanted to break in the bike properly and I haven't received my Madstad yet and I reckon my head would have exploded riding that far without it. :LOL:

    Will definitly go to the next one, any idea where it will be held?
  20. Have you ordered the Madstad yet? If so hold off and try a few rubber washers under the bottom bolts. You can't see much in this picture http://aamu.smugmug.com/photos/310311319_wjTy9-L.jpg but if you look close you'll see the base of the screen is extended about 2cm forward. For me that is all I needed to do to remove the wind issues and it costed $2.

    As for the rest - the H&B Crash bars and centre stand are good. Depending on how much you'll be off road you can go the Amoto skid plate or this one http://www.motoagora.com/podia650.html . I'm thinking of replacing my current one with that.

    I also use Caribou (Pelican) Cases and their custom rack. Likewise a Givi 45L topbox (the generic plate will bolt on to a Strom without modification).