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Finally got my new bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mid77, May 7, 2008.

  1. Well, I am now the proud new owner of a 2000 BMW F650 GS Dakar. I've only had it for 5 minutes and already I think of it as I would my first born son. As the only experience I have on bikes is the learner course, I thought I would get the bike delivered, which the dealer kindly organised so all I had to do was get it from the street down to my parking space (3 levels down). Crazy thing is I now understand the blind stupidity of car drivers, halfway down the 2nd row of parking, some f#@wit Camry driver decides to have a game of chicken with me as he was driving out of the carpark. What the hell is wrong with these people? Not as if I was speeding (think I might have been pushing 5kph at the time) or mucking about... what a spanker

    Photos coming soon :grin:
  2. I think I speak for all who open this thread when I say 'May A Thousand Flea's infest your nose' for not having a pic in this thread!

    Congrats on the purchase though :) but ffs, post a pic! I'm not capable of visualising!
  3. Woot woot. :)

    Owners of Really Tall Motorcycles, represent!
  4. Here it is, sorry about the dodgy quality, can't find my tripod and the light down there sucks...


    Hopefully I was quick enought posting this to avoid the whole flea plague thing :grin:
  5. just in time! i was getting ready to express post the plague. :p
  6. very nice indeed :)
  7. That's actually quite a nice setting. Try moving the bike so that one of the ceiling lights is between the camera and the bike, and turn the bike so it's more side-on.
  8. Thanks guys, looking forward to getting it on the road (if I can convince the insurance company to not take a pound of my flesh in exchange for a CTP).

    Thanks for the tip blackjacket, will try that out tonight.
  9. Here is a slightly better picture:

  10. I am a few months behind you.. All going well I will have my L's next month and will be looking for a similar GS 650.

    I know it's very early days but how does the bike feel?

    I am curious how L's friendly this toy is :)
  11. Good stuff!

    I hear if there is a bike that can go anywhere and do absolutely anything, it's this one.

    Enjoy it... and don't be a soccer-mum with a Landcruiser, go find some dirt to play on ;)
  12. Hi edmond, haven't had much of a chance to ride it yet as I only just got the registration/insurance organised today. When it was delivered I did ride it down to my car space and back up to street level a couple of times and didn't seem to have any trouble.

    One thing I was actually quite impressed with is how stable it is at very slow speeds. During the L's course (on the provided CB250) I found it wasn't that easy to keep the bike in a straight line at a slow walking pace but no such problem here. I'm guessing the wide handlebars, low slung weight and probably a lot of other factors that I don't know about contribute to this.

    The only thing which nearly caught me out was the weight. When you're moving it is not noticable and in my opinion, easier to handle than the CB250's we went through the L's course on. It was only when I went to put it on the stand and didn't have it down properly that in trying to catch the bike (which thankfully I did) I had to wrestle the full weight. Moral of the story: be extra cautious, this thing is no featherweight.

    Only thing I would say is to make sure when you are on it, you can put your feet down flat comfortably. A lot of the research I did when choosing a bike mentioned this is very important for the learner, and even with only a couple k's at most under my belt on this bike, I can surely attest to that so keep in mind that this is a relatively tall bike.

    Best of luck
  13. Excellent.. thanks for the information.

    Good tip on the height, I might try and find one to have a sit on and see how it feels.

    I suppose it makes sense that its low speed stability is good, the thing is a cross over bike.

    Have fun! I am jealous your already riding :)
  14. Thanks Ktulu

    I certainly hope so, planning on doing some long distance back country road trips to find out :wink:
    (This is what I'm aiming for as a warm up: http://www.whereis.com/?id=5C1598FF94EE5)

    If that happens I think I deserve that flea plague Respi promised earlier...