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Finally got my leds from china

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by RRdevil, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Finally got my new slim leds from china. As far as im concerned they are brighter than the stock tinted ones and look far better. Especially attached to my evotech tail tidy

  2. Still havent fixed flash rate. I have the relay. But i dont mind the faster flash. Might even draw more attention. Anyway relay is behind clocks and couldnt be arsed pulling all that apart today.
  3. i would think resister not relay - now i will know your bike , the back is all i would see i imagine.
  4. Should i be scared phillip? :D and no there is a plug and play relay to correct flash rate. Resistors can get too hot and melt stuff. Do it properly and do it once i say
  5. I agree 100% with RRdevil If you can get the ceramic resistors if you can and connect it to the frame.
  6. Resistors? what a waste of energy, just replace the flasher can.
  7. Thats exactly what im doing. If you read two posts above yours.