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FINALLY!!! Got my first bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by WowlTurkey, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. FINALLY!!! After much anticipation on my behalf, I'm the proud new owner of my first bike!! Paid a little over 4grand for it! Seems to be a great ride, although the rain put me off for my first ride today!! Hopefully the weekend will clear up and I can get out there and what needs to be done!!!

    So, I was looking at the new 250 Ninja... Luckily, some nice NR members talked me out of it. I came to my senses and realised it was a ridiculous idea!!! Kept trying to tell myself
    "nah, i won't wanna upgrade after just one year. Only going to use my bike to get around"

    So i picked up this sucker for a lil over 4grand with 12 months rego. Real clean bike, compared to a lot of other cbrRRRRRRRR's i was looking at. I'm no mechanical expert whatsoever, but seems to be in good working order! Had a mechanic go over it briefly nd will be getting it serviced next week just for the hell of it.

    It's like all my Christmaseseses came at once!! Oh, gotta go down to the garage agin and have a looksy :p Feeling so much freedom!!! I can tell I'm going to enjoy this sucker.






    So, hopefully I'll see you guys around the streets sometime soon! If anyone on the Northern Beaches sees me riding round, feel free to slap me over the helmet and tell me to wipe that silly grin off my face :LOL:


    Cheers, Mike

  2. Well done, ktulu will be pleased. Keep it rubber side down for maximum enjoyment :wink:
  3. Congrats! enjoy and ride safe!
  4. Congratulations! When I got my motorbike 4 months ago, I could never have imagined the amount of enjoyment it would bring me, and I'm sure the same will go for you!
  5. Tidy lookin' little bike, there.

    This thread fulfils requirements.
  6. Cheers guys,

    Yeah planning on going to HART over the next year and doing as many courses as possible, but also build up as much on-road experience as possible. I heard track days were an awesome way to learn new techniques. Having the track pro (?) follow you or vice-versa and getting tips, hints and criticism.

    Ktulu, what ARE the official requirements? lol Glad I passed :LOL:
  7. Great feeling, isn't it? :) Good to see you finally got your wheels, and an excellent choice too.
  8. Its lacking a limerick K!!!
  9. Hmmm....

    There once was a bike in Collaroy,
    When i saw it I lit up with joy
    I went for a ride,
    The b1tch who sold it to me lied....

    maybe not? worth a try lol
  10. Sweet bike dude!

    There top bike to start out on. :grin:
  11. yay!!
    congratz on your ride!!
    looks real sweet too :)
    ride hard..nd ride safe :)
  12. Congrats !!!
    Clean looking bike. Enjoy, take care .. and remember, a bike is only as good as the time you spent maintaining her.
    Look after her, and she wont let you down. ( apart from the occasional hissy-fit ) :p
  13. Are you guys serious? Like, are you for real? Why the fark did I wait so goddamn long to get my arse on a bike? Luckily the rain held off today and had a bit of fun learning!! I didn't wanna come home :( stupid couch with no wheels!! bring on tomorrow!! :cool:
  14. Really nice looking bike (although i'm not sure about the colour :p )
    Glad you got this over a detuned GPX with a body kit. So much fun to ride the old cibby's.
  15. lol u don't like the red? i haven't seen too many red ones, so thought it was a good, original choice
  16. So... After a couple of days, the bike is now a write off....

    :LOL: just joking, Every ride teaches you something new. I've been cut off a few times, tailgated, etc etc but each ride has brought just that little bit more experience and shows me what to look out for. Sure, cagers can be stupid, but I've kept my cool thus far and just gone with the flow.

    Tried to make my self be seen on the road, moving around in the lane, buffering when need to, singing at the top of my voice so people can hear me.

    I think the only major problem I've encountered so far was a hill start. Over revved and popped my first mono :LOL: just kidding again, but seriously, it was quite a steep hill. Any advice for hill starts? cheers
  17. Practice using the front brake whilst feathering the clutch ( in 1st gear ). Release the front brake as you throttle on & release the clutch. It may take a while but it's worth it once you have it 'down pat'.
  18. What am I saying... its a cibby - it looks hot. Just thought the yellow rims looked a bit unusual under the red.

    I've hopped my front a few times while doing hillstarts. Gotta be gentle with the clutch.
  19. Well done on the new stead.
    It's great when you get your first bike and want to bring it in to bed with you when nigh nighs comes. Dont want it getting cold and lonely!!

    Best advise I can give for a first timer is

    Keep extra distance between you and whatever is in front. Especially on a new bike/new rider. Things happen quickly and we have all taken our eyes off the ball posing/scratching our noses etc.
    That goes for the rear too.

    Never be afraid or too emasculated to pull over and let some kcidhead pass you in order to survive another day.

    One last thing. loose the yellow rims. No offence. maybe they look better in the flesh. Never seen a honda with yellow rims. WTF??

    Be cool, and coolness will be you!!

  20. Quoted for truth!!! Just last night I was out for a bit of a joy ride and I happened to have a very momentary lapse of concentration. Next thing I knew, the traffic ahead of me (just metres away) had stopped. I hit the brakes, locked up the rear. Skidded momentarily while the front came around to point me beside the traffic, let off the brakes and powered on past.

    Stopped down the road to clean my brown trousers! :)