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finally got my first bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ckr83, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. hey all,
    well the long wait is finally only. ive got a bike.
    its a 99 suzuki gsx750f. this is my first bike and already im loving the freedom, power and energy it gives.
    ill post some pics wen i take some.
    cheers clint

  2. Great to hear clint. Just keep that baby rubber side down and you will keep us all happy :)
  3. congrats dude :cool:
  4. Well Done Clint :grin: from what I've read that's a great all round bike heaps of power, loves twisties and can ride all day without sore bits.
    Take it easy........yer right, I can talk I remember what it was like on my fist bike :twisted:, you've got a shit load more power than I had though.

    Have fun, nothing like the freedom a bike gives you. :LOL:
  5. Damn people on their bigger bikes ><
  6. Well done, enjoy it!@
  7. Your first bike is a 750?! WTF? No restrictions?
  8. I was thinking that. Can only hope the OP has been riding before, perhaps on dirt? If not I reckon ur just a crazy SOB. :p
  9. thanks guys, will be taking it easy for a while thats for sure. reading the forums have given me a whole lot of help and pointed out alot of things that i wouldn't normally think about. so a big thanks there.
    being in queensland and having had my open car licence for 3+years i could go through qride and go straight to an open bike licence.
    love being a queenslander...
    cheers clint
  10. welcome clint.... congrats on new bike mate :) is nothing like that first one!!!!! gotta love QLD and QRide!!! although i've had my liscence for alot longer... i jsut opted for teh standard RE liscence.... wanted to learn how to ride before gettin a big bike... ride safe n keep the rubber down :)
  11. hey guys are there any riders up my way that go cruising? would be good to catch up with a few other riders, if there are any.
  12. where bouts are you mate??? update your profile for us... i'm sure someone out there is ready for a ride... at any time :p
  13. im in rockhampton, qld