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Finally got my first bike! '07 GS500F

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by parker, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. After around six months of saving (or at least trying to) I've finally got my own bike, got it from Sydney City Motorcycles at Campbeltown for $6000 delivered (yes I'm shit at bargaining because I know next to nothing about motorbikes at the moment)

    So anyway I got it delivered last Wednesday afternoon and when I came home I went straight down the garage to take a look, all well and good, took he seat off, checked petrol tank and so on. I then sat on it and made some pretty cool motorbike noises [​IMG]

    I took it into the driveway and started it up and just listened to it for about 30 seconds whilst looking at the neighbors windows (was about 6:00pm and was waiting for the death stares), all good turned it off and put it in garage and put the nice motorcycle cover from Aldi on it (we have rats in our garage so I didn't want them to eat the seat).

    Thursday night I come in take cover off, take it up the driveway and start it up and listened for a while and thinking about where I'm going to go on Saturday morning to practice. I put the bike back in garage and cover on it and shut the garage door.

    Friday comes around and I get home go to garage, take it up the driveway a bit and go to turn it on... 'click, click, click, click', I'm like OHHHHHNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!, so basically come inside jump on the computer seat pound the power button on and hit the keyboard and eventually get 'bike wont start, clicking sound' into the Google search box. But what did I do wrong between Thursday & Friday? The lights switch off automatically when I turn it off and put it in lock, (normal lights/highbeams come on now, nutural, blinkers, oil etc)

    Anyway here is the new bike, apart from the bad start I'm having (and spending the weekend just thinking about it instead of riding it, I still love it like a baby).

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  2. Great color choice, and you got a rack too. Nice
    Did you check the starter switch? Also check the gear your in, and lastly some bikes won't start with the stand down.
    Good luck and enjoy your new toy.
  3. Yeah, just need to buy one or two occy straps now can't wait to put it to some use :p

    Yeah, I'm in neutral, the fuel switch is 'ON' (not RES), and the kill switch is in the like semi-circle with the arrow going around, and then I pull in the clutch and press the starter and thats when I get the clicking.
  4. Then I'm stumped too:-s
    Hopefully nothing serious.
  5. Sounds like the battery..if the voltage is low there is not enough grunt to spin the starter,overcome engine compression as well as power the spark plugs.
    Starting the engine is the biggest drain on the battery...if your battery was not fully charged or was on the way out then your warm ups have drained what little life was in it.There will be enough power to run the indicators and horn giving the impression that the battery is not the culprit. You can get a trickle charger for stuff all from Super Cheap or Repco and juice her up overnight. I dont know off the top of my head at what Rpms the generator will start pumping volts back into the battery for the GS500...but idling and shutting down wont help her put back what starting took out.
    Nice choice of bike by the way.
  6. yeah going to head up to Jaycar at Mascot tomorrow and see if I can get this one, $60.

    Got to go to the RTA and transfer the rego, hopefully the tax cheque that I got back has gone through by Monday.
  7. Good luck and enjoy your new machine...(well after you sort out the battery thing)
    The GS as a first bike will do all it's told to.....
    Had mine since Xmas eve and hasn't missed a beat after 16,000K.
    It'll handle long distance touring and quite good on economy too....

    Have fun.
  8. check the side stand (bike must be in neutral) and the bike wont start unless the clutch is pulled in (least the wifes didnt)

    it my be operator error

  9. Checked both stands multiple times, no worky :(

    Still I'm just happy to finally have a bike! :p
  10. If its making clicking sounds it's the relay..not having enough power to fully close and make contact..typical of a flat battery..the side stand switch as well as neutral interlocks wont make any noise at all when the starter is engaged. I'm still willing to bet one of my two redundant body parts it's a flat battery.
  11. Awesome, lesson learnt, thy shall sit on motorbike and make broom broom noises not turn on and get flat battery :p
  12. For the record, the GS doesn't even kick in the starter motor if you don't have the side stand up, the clutch in and the kill switch on, i.e., you push the starter button and nothing...

    If the battery is borderline, something you can get it to start just by unplugging the headlight. It's easy enough to reach on the GS500F.
  13. You need the clutch in, but it will start with a kickstand down no worries (in neutral).

  14. Update: brought a trickle charger, ProUser BCH8.

    I come home and I tried to put on lowest settings.

    6 volts / 2 amps - but the LED light(s) don't come on so I don't know if it's charging.

    If I do 12 volts / 2 amps setting the 2 & the 4 LED light come on though.

    Not sure what to leave it on, the manual doesn't say anything about which settings to use! Lol.

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  15. 12volt battery so 12 volts 2 amp for trickle 8 amp for fast charge if on 8 amp check the battery dosent over heat it could blow up
  16. Okay, took the charger off completely and tried to start the bike up, didn't start so I put it on 2 amps with 12 volts... how long should I give it before I try to start the bike up (bike is outside at the moment with the trickle outdoor so I'll have to take it off before I go to bed.
  17. put it on 8amps for 2/3 hours or 2 overnight
  18. Have you tried pulling the clutch in, as others have said, youcant start it without pulling in the clutch
  19. Yeah, just had it on 12 volts/ 2 amps, after 2 and a half hours or there abouts I took charger off and turned bike on, noticed that the lights are a lot brighter now and it starts up (neighbours probably weren't too happy :p), before I go to work tomorrow I'll put it on charge again (don't have a working power point in garage! So my Uncle can take the charger off it starts to look like it's going to rain -- forecast is supposed to be fine though.

    Yes lol :p


    Wooooooo can't wait for Saturday!
  20. glad you got it sorted out :)

    have fun