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Finally got my bike!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by heregoes, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. Well yesterday after what seemed like forever i finally got to take my bike home! \:D/ I got a GSXR 600 and she drives/rides like a dream. :grin: The ride home was sooo stressful :eek:hno: but once we got to know each other through a few corners and gear changes it was love! I was really worried that she would have too much power for me to handle but i think she is very smooth off the mark. Only problem now is getting off her every now and again for those annoying things like sleep and food! :bannanabutt:

  2. Congratulations on getting the new bike mate! It's always a great feeling when you have that first ride of your new steed isn't it!!!

    I'd still be very wary of the power though, although it may seem smooth and easy to handle (and i'm sure it can be ridden that way) i guarantee you that if you become alittle to complacent or relaxed in the early stages of ownership you may get bitten. Hell i've even gotten myself in near strife on 1 or 2 occasions on an average power 250. Just make sure you don't let the monster withing the bike come out and scare you before you are ready.

    Now get out there and keep riding you lucky bugger!!!
  3. Congrats! Now, where are those damn pics? :D
  4. heregoes is now here and going!

    congrats, mate, keep it below 8,000 or so for a while until you get used to things......
  5. I have already experienced the power when you put your foot down so to speak, and i am definitely keeping them way down. Just when you think you are just putting a little distance between you and the traffic after the lights you look at the speedo and you are doing 120 in a sixty zone! Respect the lady and i should be fine, no fast stuff for me for quite a wile i think, lots to get used to!

    As for a pic...(First pic so hope this works)
  6. [img:1835:1151:1b2263f30c]http://img74.imageshack.us/img74/8760/side0qq.jpg[/img:1b2263f30c]
  7. grats mate!

    I know that new bike feeling - its awesome isnt it!!!

    ive still got mine and am hoping it lasts a while longer yet

    and dont worry, food is overrated :wink:
  8. GSXR 600

    Congrats Heregoes

    It seem we're in the same boat. I am a relatively new rider that just purchased a GSXR 600. Loving every second of it!! found it quite easy to ride. Picked up an 05 model for $13000 and they threw in an $800 Yoshi slip on. Where in Bris did you get your bike?

    The beast has nearly bucked me a couple of times; just when I least expected it! Handle with care!

  9. I got mine from Team moto in Enoggera, it was a really good find whoever had it before must have looked after it really well coz there was not a scratch on her, not even around the keys. But y you definitely gotta respect her and focus all the time or she can bite bad.