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Finally got my bike!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by R1_lover, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. Yes...l picked up my bike tonight and bought it home in the van, only because l dont have the apropriate gear yet.

    But for those that dont know, its a blue CBR250RR 91 compliance

    I will be heading over to ringwood to get my helmet sat, so lm excited to say the least.

    When l get the courage up l will ride into Southbank, with an escort hopefully..lol, but until then lm just going to do lots of practising


  2. WooHoo well done, take it easy out on the roads and enjoy the thrill of riding. Make sure u get a helmet with a nice fit.
  3. Yah! Welcome to the Honda fold :) Hope to see you on a group ride soon.
  4. well done julz
    when you are ready , i leave from reservior , so drop me a line and i will take you in .
  5. Thanks guys and looking forward to joining in on them rides, but that wont be till lm very confident.

    And l apreciate the offer for the escort Groberts...l will yell out for sure :D
  6. Hey Julz,
    You will be riding like the wind in no time. :)
  7. Congratulations and ride safe. I'll see you out there.
  8. Good stuff Julz.

    Give me a yell at any stage if you need a riding partner while you are building your confidence.