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FINALLY got my bike... newbie from newcastle

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by moad, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. Hey,

    well i finally got off my ass and got my licence and a bike. Got a CBR 250 and at 6' 1 and 90 kg it looks pretty comical. But id rather look like a dick than wrap a bigger bike around a tree. anyway... im keen to get out there and learn from some more experienced riders and just get as much riding done as possible. Many newy learners around keen for a ride?


  2. Hi and welcome! In the last six months I have also got my learners and then my full license although restricted for 12 months. I just bought a Yamaha FZR250 too!

    You didn't say where you are from?
  3. Hi moad, don't worry about the height thing, I'm 6'4" and ride a VTR. :LOL:
    Welcome to the friendly forum. :grin:
  4. Thanks guys, looking forward to getting out there.

    cya on the road!
  5. Welcome indeed to the friendly forum. There are quite a few Netriders in the Hunter Valley so watch out for them in the NSW Events section, and join in.....
  6. Nice one. i hear putty road is pretty good. thats not really far from here. My mate always goes on about the old road as well so ill be getting down there maybe next weekend. I havent gotten off my bike since i got it haha, cant wait to get around some curves and learn some riding skills.
  7. mmm be careful on those roads... big police presence on the weekends!
  8. Welcome to the praying mantis, ha ha I looked at a CBRRRRR250 and I felt like a monkey on a toy bike. But they do go don't they!!
  9. they sure do. Pretty loud though, i bet the people in my apartment complex are hating me right now. too much fun for such a cheap bike.
  10. cheap your kidding arent you? they aint cheap for the age

    anyway welcome and congrats on the purchase
  11. cheap for the performance, not that i have anything to compare it to. I got a pretty good deal cause its been knocked around, but im probably going to drop it anyway so who cares. ill fix it up when im ready to move onto something bigger.
  12. Welcome mate. Good to see another Newy rider. I'm only new as well, had my L's for almost 4 weeks. :grin:

    I'm always keen for a ride, when I get time. Would love to see how that "ye olde" Honda goes againts my Hyo.... :wink:
  13. haha nice bike squash. Good to see another newy rider around. Would you be keen for a ride early saturday? just a meet up and check out bikes, quick ride etc?
  14. Sat morning is no good, unfortunately gotta work. I'd be sweet for Sat arvo or Sun morning.
  15. sun morning could be good, ive got cricket grand final on saturday arvo and soccer starts sunday arvo. Depends on how big saturday night is. maybe leave it for next weekend. You free next saturday?
  16. Yep next Sat sounds better for both of us. Wouldn't want you riding Sun morning with the ultimate hangover :p ...no fun. We might be able to get a little mini group ride going.
  17. yeah mate sounds good. maybe saturday afternoon cause i have a party on the friday night. I can see myself drinking alot less now that ill be riding on weekends. You got many mates or know of any other people around newy that are fairly new? Might be a good idea to get some experienced guys out with us too.
  18. None of my mates have bike, so can't help out there. WE might be able to get a few from here.