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Finally got it home

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by hph, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Finally got it home after an agonising couple of weeks wait. Nervous as hell when first entering cantebury rd from the dealership but otherwise settled down after a few minutes. Love the fwd controls already, I was surprised on how easy it was to get used to.

    Mind you I did have my friend following me behind in his car so that made me a bit less nervous. So mate, if you are reading this, thanks again :grin:


  2. Is that a drop of oil on the ground?

    j/k, mate, enjoy the new ride. Rubber-side-down.
  3. oil

    Thanks for spotting :roll: . Its got 24 months unlimited km warranty,so can it fixed no worries :p
  4. Hey, you did it - well done! Got to be very nerve-racking riding off on something so new, shiny and heavy. Very eye catching :wink:
  5. bike

    I forgot about the weight after about 2 mins as I was too busy keeping an eye on the road. Only felt the weight increase when pushing it into the garage. Lucky I didnt choose the S&S mufflers as these SE ones are loud enough else the neighbours will call the cops when I leave for work at 6am Sat morning :p
  6. Re: bike

    Did it break down already. :wink:

    *Bad Cookee, stop that!*
  7. very nice bike
    silly question..... but what are forward controls??
  8. Notice where the pegs / levers are in relation to the seat? On a sportbike, they're more or less straight down.
  9. thanks for that i was thinking that it made the bike move forward at a slower pace
    eg: lane splitting or parking
    why i thought that...... i dont know :oops: :( :grin: :grin:
    forward control= moving forward in a controlled pace... :LOL:
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Congrats on the new ride hph ,looks very nice I must try out the HD one day.

    I know what your saying about the comfort and how easy it is to get used to a cruiser ,after 2 minutes on mine I felt right at home. :grin: .

    And stop the Harley jokes.

    Do you know that 95% of harleys ever made are still on the road today ,the other 5% made it home. :LOL:
  12. bike

    U guys definitely put me in good position when I face my other mates who all own sportbikes, scooters etc and will undoubtedly give me some more :LOL: .
  13. HAHAHAHA! Priceless. :LOL:

    Glad to see hph is taking in his stride. For some reason, some HD riders get p*ssed at jokes. Like this one...

    Q: Did you hear about the Harley owner who wanted to be buried at sea after he died?

    A: Five other Harley owners drowned digging his grave.

    Okay, no more, I swear! :grin:
  14. hd

    Its only a bike no need to get upset over it :grin: . Believe it or not I actually planned to get a speed triple but was a few grand short :(
  15. Congratulations on the new ride hph :grin:
    Magic looking set of wheels: hope it rides as good as it looks. Just sit back and watch the babes turn their heads :LOL:

    By the way: true story this one;

    My first cruiser was a Yammie XVS650. I had just parked it at a shopping centre one day when two teenage girls walked by (16\17yr olds). They looked at the bike and one of them said "nice bike". I said "thanks". The other girl then said "yeah, we really like Harley's" :LOL:
    I didn't have the heart to tell them the truth :LOL:
  16. Congrats hph, great looking scoot :cool: