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Finally got bike! - Shiny Yamaha SRX250

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Iondah, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. :grin:

    After months of searching and weighing up the pros and cons I finally found myself a bike.

    For about the last month I've been searching bikesales, bikepoint and tradingpost every day looking for new possibilities and have generally been disapointed. I have however had a ride of about 8 other bikes before finding this one which I think has been a good experience in itself.

    I found it in the trading post and after getting out of work early I went to see it, took i for a ride and bought it on the spot. Picked it up the next day!
    The guy got his asking price but I figured it was reasonable and if I didnt pay it someone else would... grrrr :oops:

    So heres the details:

    1988 Yamaha SRX250, 37,912km, shiny red. I'm now the third owner. Not sure of it's exact history but I get the impression it was sitting around in a shed for quite a few years before being resurrected, probably somewhere near the beach since the frame is a bit corroded and theres a small amount of rust. Still, it goes well (once it's started...) and is really fun to ride!

    It's so exciting to finally have a bike and be able to ride all the time! Now I need someone to teach me how to corner properly :)

    So if you see me cruising around Glen Waverley on this, give me a wave!

    Anyway here's some pics of my shiny:
  2. I've already had a few adventures too! On the way to pick up the bike I almost died on the back of my mate's SV650 (visible in the pics) since he's not used to pillions he stalled when pulling out infront of a line of traffic on Springvale Road, then nearly ran into the back of a car at the next set of lights.

    When we picked the bike up I had another check of everything before setting off and couldn't get the headlight to work until I discovered the SRX has a separate switch for the headlight. - Bit of a heart flutter there.

    Then on Sunday afternoon when I tried to go for a ride I couldn't get the thing started, even roll-starting wouldn't work. After my mate managed to crank it over by roll starting it I realised I had forgotten about the choke... poor little bike :(

    So then took it for a spin down Wellington Road and up to Belgrave where I discovered how scary 90km/h can be on a 120kg bike on a windy day, and that my speedo is probably really under-clocked considering the annoyed drivers behind me...

    On the way home I somehow managed to stop at the lights without changing down all the way and so stalled 3 times across Stud Road while trying to take off in 3rd gear. :oops:

    I'm sure there will be many more stories to come! :grin:
  3. Congrats! You look really happy from those pics. :) Now you don't have to play kamikase pillion anymore. :LOL:

    Have fun, learn and keep it safe, dude. See you on the road.
  4. Yeah congrats! Looks like a nice bike..
  5. I've got one of these as my project bike. They're not actyally that bad when they go (mine doesn't :( ). You're right about them being scary in wind, they weigh bugger all and flip you about quite a bit.

    Good luck with it, and remember the red ones go faster... :cool:
  6. Congrats... :grin: :LOL: :grin:

    My first bike was an srx250 - and I loved it - was really sad to see it go...!!!
  7. Looks like you got what you wanted, congrats.
  8. Good going Iondah :) . Happy riding.
  9. Well congratulations! That's a great looking bike too.

    :LOL: Done that. (Actually, I did this on the weekend trying to take off in second). Not across Stud Rd though. :LOL: I've learnt that whenever you stop, always check your gears. I'll do it, even when I'm 100% sure it's in first. It's a good habit to get into. :)

    Ride safe. Get out on some group rides if you can...or see if you can get a fellow netrider or two to go out with you. I've learnt heaps from these guys. :)

    Oh, and best advice I can give you? Ride. Ride. Ride. Whenever you can. Whenever you can't. Just get out there and ride.

  10. congrats!!! i nearly bought one insterad of the SPADA.

    SPADA has the separate switch for lights too...... had some fun working out why the lights don't work.

    wind is an issue for any 250... i know the wind on the Calder has me riding straight wile leaned over.... when its not trying the throw me under the closest Mack. :shock: you get used to how it behaves though.

    Have fun and it looks like a good specimen from the pics.
  11. Congrats on your new purchase. Just in time for the good riding weather :wink:
  12. Lovely stuff! Enjoy for a bit, then fit clip-ons, lose the fairing, add a solo seat, change the exhausts, erm...
  13. It's already got clip-ons (I think) - that's when the handlebars are separate and attach to the head-stem individually right? As in not one long bar?

    And I like the fairing :grin: :oops:

    Could definately do with a new exhaust...

    Actually what it could really do with is the frame sand-blasted and repainted to get rid of some rust spots. I'm sure there'll be a post in maintenance about all this soon enough.
  14. You wouldnt happen to be working in southbank would you. Near the BMW dealership ??

  15. Nice-looking bike! :)
  16. Nope... I work in Rialto. Bike hasn't made it that far yet though :oops: Soon!!!!