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Finally got around to it... and passed!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Drew, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. booked in for my P's.

    At least it took les time than the L's :LOL:

    no just got to go and practice and hope i know what i'm doing on the day :?
  2. What date did you book in for??

    You'll do fine, you know your Spada inside and out don't you?? Trust it and will get you through...
  3. Congratulations, Drew.... you'll do fine :grin:

    When's the big day?

    Edit: eeek, Pete and I posted the same thing.... how embarrassment :oops:
  4. Where you doing it?
  5. Tell your family you love them, put your affairs in order and make a new up-to-date will.

    You never know what might happen on the P's test.

    Good luck!
  6. 14th of July at HART.

    yes i know the bike, but still fear pushing it too much(a bit irrational i think)
  7. You don't push the bike in the P's test at all. It is in all likelyhood, easier than the Ls simply because you (hopefully) have been riding a bike for a while instead of "first time on road" for L's. After you're done with it you will be on here saying "Is that all it was?!?! It was EASY!"

    As always, DO NOT TRY TO PREDICT THE LIGHTS.. Look "through them", as in do not focus on the light bulbs but directly through them at the ground behind them. So when the light changes to either an arrow or stop, it is easier to do said action. EVERY trainer has said the same thing about the lights, well at least to me (4 or 5 trainers).

    Best of luck, not that you'll need it, don't let fear win :)
  8. just have a phobia of getting the swerve arrow and binning the bike.....
  9. About bloody time :LOL:

    You'll be fine Drew, just be sure to get a good nights sleep before hand and eat something before you go, keep yourself hydrated too.

    I didn't think you did the test on your own bike, don't Honda provide you with a bike for the day?
    I know when I did my test at rider Bro's I marched out of the office and was about to get on my bike when the instructor told me its better if I use one of their bikes, if I feel I am not confident on the bike after going through the motions in the practice session then I could make the decision to do the test on my bike or theirs, however, they don't encourage the use of your own bike because then they have to to a safety check on it similar to a RWC check for insurance/litigation purposes in the case you crash and injure yourself.
    I'd rather crash one of their bikes than mine.

    Personally, if they do have bikes for you to ride, I would be using it, when I went for my license I was in a class of 10, and 6 of them crashed doing the exercise with the lights... counter steer/ emergency braking .
    As undii said, don't try to guess which light is going to illuminate, cos you will panick if it turns out to be different than what you guessed and you will come unstuck trying to switch from an emergency brake to a quick counter steer manouver and vise versa.

    I found this for you to have a look at, its an animated list of all the test exercises you will have to do.


    So, does that mean Mrs Drew can get her L's soon???
  10. yeah you use their bikes. Would rather drop their CB250 than my dear SPADA.

    have studied the ridetek animations a lot.. so no U turn?

    Mrs Drew can go for L's anytime she wants probably soon the way she s talking...bought a helmet on the weekend...the problem we have is only 1 bike so no trips together....yet. And it will be a year tili can get a bigger bike too.
  11. That's definately the way to go, in fact try and make an effort during the practice session to see just how far over you can get the bike. It's the best chance you're going to get and will give you an idea of just what it's capable of come test time. If you don't at least scrape a peg your not trying hard enough, when you start scraping the muffler and crash bars you'll know you're doing real well :grin:
  12. ktulu wrote

    this is true. i got abducted by aliens on my first p's test. you think it's all over after the probe, but the whole 'anything can happen' still applies.
  13. You also get bonus points for doing it with your eyes closed. :wink:
  14. I was scraping the crash cage at HART when I did my P's. :grin:
  15. The only, ahhh... 'forcible insertion' I experienced was paying the RTA license fees every damn step of the way :evil:
  16. just as long as i pass all is good.

    Don't think i've ever come close to scaping footpegs though. might be time to try it out :twisted:
  17. Just sandpaper up the ends of the footpegs a bit - just to show the examiner you know what you're doing... :LOL:
  18. That's the spirit. Also a good chance to practice locking up the front tyre - knowing what happens when you do, and just how much you can brake before it happens, is not only handy for the test but also out on the roads.
  19. already done that test..... wet roads around Kyneton & Daylesford help with that...i've got a fairly good understanding of how much and how hard I can pull on the lever before i start having issues.
  20. yease, it's not quiet the pounding you get at the tax office with some spanking on the side, but noticable none the less.