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Finally got a decent shed

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by BLABBUS TOOLICUS, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. All the toys in one place at last
    Too late,u missed it

  2. Its a video-click on pic
  3. Say please.
  4. I fukken hate you...

    Awesome collection there mate how many years of effort?
  5. 52 and still going.
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  6. Nice collection! :)

    They look in good nik too, not just a bunch of old wrecks like some bike collectors!

    (...and sensitivity about Ducati criticism making sense... :p )
  7. Lol ! Seen the video without really looking at who the op was...and thought finally a douchebag to rival blabbus with a Ducati collection....big fan of the bowsers tho...got 2 golden fleece ones stored away up at my olds
  8. You could have a collection of 250's one day,just never sell anything.
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  9. Very nice collection!
  10. Didn't your last shed have boobs ???
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  11. Sweet collection.
  12. That was a lot of lawn mowers for such a small bit of grass in the back yard :p

    Very nice collection. My girlfriend reckons the only way I'd get a collection of bikes like that is "over her dead body". She didn't appreciate that I had to think about it for a few minute and say "Nah, I'd be too old to ride them when I got out of gaol"
  13. Justifiable homicide by the sound of it.
  14. Ouch. Very nice.
  15. Nice, Blab, nice. He who dies with the most toys wins ;)
  16. "Put $5k in a smartsaver account" hahaha

    There's something wrong there though, the ground is missing years of stains of puddles of oil from well loved and well hated ducatis.
  17. Be a bitif a squeeze getting all them in!
    Nice collection there blabbs.
    Not bad for an old troll eh?
  18. I wont be posting the GF's toy collection.
  19. You can't mate, some of them are still at my place.
  20. Most live indoors.
    Troll,not really.
    Just find most on here dont know as much as they think.
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