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Finally got a bike...wooohooo!!

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by MrGrumpy, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. well it took me 12 months to get one but FINALLY I got myself a bike, a new GS500F. I got it a couple of days before christmas and am loving it . I have only done 700 kms so far, but I am back at work now after a 4 week break and commuting on it daily so those kms will clock up pretty quickly.
    I had intended on getting a CB400 but deided to put the extra $2500 I would have spent towards my upgrade next year.

    I also got:
    Shift Boots
    Rst Mesh Jacket
    Dainese Back protector
    Dainese Gloves
    Draggin Silverback Jeans
    Draggin knee protectors
    Ventura Rack and Bag
    AGV K4 Helmet

    I have also done a HART course called 'learner to licence', I was the only one book in so I spent 4 hours with the instructor one on one going over the basics like emergency stopping, slow riding etc, then we did slow u-turns, cone weaving before heading into the dandenong mountains where the instructor followed me and evaluted my riding giving me feedback on cornering, lane position hazard perception etc...best $120 I have spent.
    anyway heres a pic I took on my phone at work this evening.

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  2. Nice, looks schmick in blick! So you had time off and have only done 700 kms...am I missing something? Have you been perving on the schoolies or something?
  3. Nice looking bike. You were really lucky to get one-on-one time with your instructor. Happy riding.
  4. yeah its a disgrace isnt it, surely my bike should be impounded under some anti-usage law. As I cant have a pillion yet it meant everytime I went out over the holidays with my partner (she had holidays too), we had to take the cage...hence only 700kms.
    anyway im loving finally being on 2 wheels and it was well worth the wait. if you live around frankston and you see a black GS500F being ridden by someone with a stupid grin on thier face ( similar to this :D) be sure to nod.
  5. Nice bike. That $120 for 4 hours one on one would have been sensational. really lucky find!
  6. Looks terrific in black; I've only eve seen the ever-present blue and white :LOL:.
  7. Great bike dude I have the same on in Blue and white, but i also picked mine up before christmas as well but damn dude you put me to shame as i have only done 250km's but i also like to go out with mates and they are working while im on holidays :(

    So how much was the Ventura rack and bag as i'm looking for one for my bike.

    Cheers Paul.
  8. thanks guys, i couldnt be happier with it. I went for the black for that exact reason hornet, I only ever see blue one too, so black was the only option as far as I was concerned
    The ventura rack and bag was about $400. It is the Euro Rally bag (51ltr I think) and easily fits my jacket, helmet and back protector in it when I am not on the bike. I dont have a car anymore so I figured it will come in handy a fair bit with shopping/gym/work etc.