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Finally got a bike sorted - GS500F

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Wigan Warrior, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. After umming and ahhing over which bike to get, I finally picked up my bike.

    Baptism of fire riding it back from Ringwood to Point Cook in the rain, in rush hour traffic, down the freeway!


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  2. Nice, welcome to the gs500 club :)

    Looks like the 2010 model by the colour scheme???
  3. Nice choice of bike,I bought mine in april and am coming up on 10,000 kms. The are a dependable bike. Mine is the exact opposite in colour placement.
    Gotta gets me one of those racks..Ventura is it?
  4. Nice one :)

    My friend who's just got his licence was going to get a restricted one of these but decided he couldn't quite stretch to affording it so he's got a zzr250 instead.

    Nice colour scheme, i've only seen rabbito's colour before. enjoy!
  5. Love the 2010 scheme, great bike you will love it .
  6. Congrats. Thats a great bike. Just sold my 2009 one month ago. Very fuel efficient as well. 20km/L
  7. Good choice in bike mate.

    Mine looks exactly like Rabbit's - But I've got quite a few less KMs on it than him. (Approaching 5000).

    And Ezza the GS500 in all it's forms is not restricted in any way - Maybe you mean the SV650S which comes in a LAMS and non-restricted config.

    Fun Ha!
  8. The rack and bag are venture, it's the 2010 model and got a good deal for bike, rack & bag and tank protector from Peter Stevens @Ringwood. Helped that Suzuki were covering on the road costs until end of Nov!

    I'd been looking at a 2010 demo that PS had for sale for $7k, but got the new one with all the above for $8k.

    I like the blue strips you have on your wheels Rabbito, were did you get them?

    I've just covered 100 kms today, getting used to it now and will start using for daily commute when a little more confident.
  9. e'bay for rim stickers..I think about 20 dollars,just search rim stickers,most bike shops have them too.
  10. congrats on the bike mate, you will love it. I have an '09 but mines a black one.
  11. i got a 2009 one as well, with a ventura rack
    this i took the day i got it