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Finally going to get it done

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by wingsout, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. Hey guys!

    Finally after a few months of putting it off, wondering if its worth it etc.. im going to take the plunge and get my license and buy a bike and the gear..

    first step - the license .... whats the best place in Melbourne to do a course etc for a total noob.. never riden a motorcycle ever..

    second step - the bike and the gear

    bike - want a sport bike - im thinking a new ninja (i know should learn on POS but it seems easier as i have no idea about motorbikes)

    gear - i'm willing to pay close to top dollar for the best safety (and best looking :D ) gear

    helmet - arai rx-7 or similar
    jacket - a* mx1 or similar
    jeans - draggin
    boots - any suggestions?? for a noob (wouldnt mind something i could walk around in if need be)
    gloves - any suggestions?? for a noob

    also a quick question ... does the back protectors CE armour go inside the jacket or under the jacket???

    i thank you all in advanced, im sure u will help me out and get me going in the motorcycle world :grin: :grin:
  2. Money to burn huh? Wouldnt that be nice!

    Seriously though - "Top dollar" approach may not be the best approach here.... If you like the new Ninjas look but are a complete N00b then how about an older ZZR? You could spend half the amount on the bike and still have a good looking reliable ride safe in the knowledge that if you want to sell it later the depreciation will be next to nothing... and of course if you do drop it it wont be so devastating.

    Insurance-wise you might find a big difference between a new bike and an older one (although at 19yrs old will you be able to afford comp insurance? - it might cost you MORE than the bike!).

    Gearwise - see what fits. Its all well and good to pick out what you like the look of, but particularly with a helmet you need the best fit, not the prettiest paintjob! Try a bunch on and see - you'll soon discover that some helmets are more comfy than others and might find that a $300 lid is better suited to you than a $600 one!

    All in all enjoy your training and have fun shopping carefully for all your gear! Some people will tell you that "Brand X" is rubbish or "Spending less than $X is too risky" - but ultimately you need gear you're comfortable with and will suit the riding you do.

    Once you're geared up and licenced, take it easy and find someone experienced and responsible to help chaparone you around the streets a bit to gain confidence and give you few more tips. Theres usualy plenty of people willing to lend a hand and give advice. Listen to everybody, read lots on here and go at your own pace.

    Welcome to the MC world
  3. For where to get your license, they are all pretty good as far as I have heard. I went to Deka and thought it was very well run. I have heard nothing but praise for stay upright, so they seem to get the thumbs up as well.

    For a bike, the new 250 Ninja is getting pretty good reviews, though I’d personally suggest looking at the ZZR or GPX 250 look at one a couple of years old and save your self a lot of cash. Also remember that with LAMS you are no longer restricted to a 250, so you could consider some of the 500 – 650 LAMS legal bikes as well if your budget and desire is up to it.

    For gloves get out to a couple of shops and try em on.
    They are all a little different and you will want the ones that are the right shape for your hand.

    I personally would suggest adding a proper back protector to your shopping list. CE Armor in the jacket is not as good as a properly strapped on back protector.
  4. Good to see you're taking the plunge! Good time of year to get started.

    As for places to get licensed, most seem to be pretty good from what I've read here. Perhaps see what's closest to home and give them a call.

    Bike, I'd agree with the previous comments. Get a second hand zzr250 or something similar.

    Helmets, make sure it fits nice and snug and obviously standards approved. If it looks good that's a bonus. Price factors generally involve lighter and/or tougher materials, weight, airflow, brand

    Jacket, coming up to warmer weather get one that has zip vents and an inner liner for when it gets cooler. I think generally the armour inserts will go in the jacket. You can get separate back protectors that you strap on under the jacket. I have a UFO brand on like that.

    Gloves, I have 5 pairs, one for every possible occasion from 40 degree days to zero degree mornings. This time of year I prefer leather with vent holes. Just a matter of fit and preference.
  5. ey Campeg, were bouts in melb r u????
  6. yer i cant read, ment 2 say Wingsout. :shock:
  7. gloves - http://www.mcas.com.au/_product.php?section=1&prodid=6637
    comfy, good protection.

    Rjays make a good range of boots too

    Only thing I can re emphasise is try everything on in person, you just cant tell with sizes and gear that is tailored specifically like this stuff is.

    I basically did the same thing as you want to do, $2k in gear and a new ninja, if you see yourself upgrading as soon as your on the full license then ZZR is probbaly a better idea, if your not sure than the ninja is a great bike, I am biased of course.
  8. Sorry to burst your bubble but a new Ninja is not a sports bike. It looks like it and it is a perfect learners bike, but a sports bike it is not.

  9. HART is pretty decent.

    They use cb250 which are so easy to ride. After you get your L, you might have a better idea on what you want.

    If you want a flashy sports bike, that is a real sports bike,
    TYGA CBR250RR or a 07 Aprilla RS125.
  10. thanks to everyone who replied so swiftly :)

    no so much money to burn, would rather pay a bit more for longer lasting gear and investing in my safety :p

    dadagain - thanks for that insurance tip i was considering comp insurance but i had a look and racv online quote rkns 4k and a few others are around 2k i wouldnt mind paying 2k - 2.5k on a new 2008/09 bike but maybe not on the suggestion of an older ZZR

    do most of the younger riders on here have 3rd party or comp and which company are they with??

    the problem i face then is where to buy a good bike from... anybody have any good dealerships they recommend (in melb) to buy 2nd hand ZZR's ???

    NOOBDAN - im based in east brighton and the city

    blaring mike - i ment fairings etc by sport i ment not naked not cruiser :p

    thanks for all the information, i've taken it all on board and will be searching through the forums for more great info..
    feel free to reply with anything that u think will help me !!!!!
  11. There's Brighton Kawasaki, A1 Motorcycles and another bike shop on the Nepean at the Patterson road intersection.

    Got my zzr250 from A1. No problems with them. I'm sure one of them would have or can get what you're looking for.
  12. I can totally recommend HART - Tulla or Kilsyth. They literally start from scratch...with you being pushed around on a bike that's not even running just to get a feel for it.

    Though other places might do this too.

    Good luck :grin:
  13. another vote for HART.
  14. so i've booked in for my learners course+test this weekend :grin: its at motorcycle motions (closest and no waiting period)

    and im wondering, i dont actually own boots or a jacket??
    is this strict rule or can i just wear my nikes and a skin covering jacket/top??

    any advice :? :?

    CANT WAIT :p :p
  15. At HART, the rule is no expose skin. a long sleeve jacket will do. However, it is still a good idea to eventually own a jacket. If so, just a textile jacket first :D would be nice to have your own helmet as well, so perhaps you should go get one for yourself. But if you cant, dont stress. I went for my L without owning any gear.

    The lessons are very low risk. it is highly unlikely that you will run into 60kph crashes.
  16. thanks :) i thought that would be the case...
    the course is this weekend, i dont think i could get a jacket before then!

    i will definatly be getting a jacket and helmet etc once i decide to buy a bike.

    so just no exposed skin and get my L's :p :p :p

    and i dont really wanna buy anything before i actually ride a bike...just in case this talked up 2 wheeled thing is not my cup of tea :LOL: :LOL: :twisted: :twisted:
  17. You should call where you are doing it to confirm.
  18. I would recommend HART too...

    PM'd about gloves
  19. i did my L's @ Rider Bros. at Coulder Park Raceway, Great bunch of blokes there, Jeff there is a champ.

    i just wore my globes and jeans, they gave me jacket, gloves and helmet. u wont go over 40kph, so u should be fine.

    just a tip wen ur in the market, dont go to SUMOTO and remember u get some huge discounts on the gear if u buy it from the same guys that u buy ur bike. ull pass :cool:
  20. Both, Most jackets have some CE back Armour but I also use separate back protectors on track days and "certain rides"

    I only use leather and Gore Tex Alpinestars boots but they are expensive but I can walk very comfortably in them, they breathe, last forever and are totally waterproof.

    If you attend at the bikes shops previously mentioned above you should find all you need at the 4 shops there.

    May I suggest with summer coming you look at a "vented" jacket, I use RST which I got from the Kawasaki shop in Brighton comes with water proof liner, thermal liner and on hot days they are worth their weight in gold.

    I have my bikes worked on by Brighton Bikes and bits.


    And get my and my wife's clothing and boots from.