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Finally going for my L's DKT

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Donshe, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. After nearly a month since I did my rider training, I'll be booking myself in for the knowledge test, sucks to be lazy !

    Anyway, I'll be reading up tomorrow, anyone have any hints, such as trick questions?

    I can't wait to finally get out there and not be scared of the police statino 2 mins down !
  2. Not being familiar with the NSW testing I cant help with your question, maybe when others wake up they might have some answers for you. Either way, I wish you well & hope your day finishes with a smile :)
  3. mate just remember 2 brush up on ur car knowledge test and read the book also go online 2 www.rta.com.au and do a few practice tests 2 make sure ur fairly right with it all and u will be right
  4. If you download the question pdf, read that once, then do the online test a few times, you can't go wrong.
  5. just do the test online over and over it will go through all the questions you will be asked on the test you do in the RTA
  6. Dont worry at all, if you have half a brain you will pass easy. I walked straight in and did mine without looking at the book or anything (wasnt planning to do it that day, but got some unexpected free time) and had no problems :)
    Good luck, and enjoy riding.

  7. Here in Tas I found a couple of trick questions and actually paused the test to ask the staff. I figured they shouldn't be trying to trick people with wording and the staff were happy to help. Down here you have to get 100% right or they make you come back the next day to try again. Good luck with it!
  8. yeah as its mentioned before the online test is the way to go. I did the DKT (for cars) like 10 times becuase there was no chance that i was going to fail! (yes i was being a perfectionist and i wanted 100%)

    good luck, read up and do the test - write down any answers you get wrong, cover them up and do the test again. I would do the test a few times to get different questions.
  9. Cheers guys. I thinking Im worrying too much lol. I passed my drivers 100%.

    Downloaded the booklet and questions last night annd did one round of the online exam.

    All good, I'll just spend a couple of hours reading tonight
  10. anyway good luck with it n enjoy what will be a thrilling riding career as i'm sure every 1 else is
  11. Done and done, 100% :LOL:

    Will be going for a ride with a mate this arvo :D
  12. Well done. Can i come for the ride?
  13. Where abouts are you from dude? I dont mind at all, we'll probably be going later in the afternoon when it cools down a little but is still nice and bright.

    PM me your MSN if you use it.
  14. Greystanes, and my msn thing..i have it, but it doesn't get used, do you still want it?
  15. Nah dw about MSN then, pointless lol. I gotta go to work for a bit now, I'll be back around 2-3 ish.

    Give me your number if you still want to come around that time. be warned, Im a total newbie. If anything changes, just reply in this thread. I'll check it when I get back
  16. congrats just remeber 2 ride at ur own pace dont be pushed on by other riders and if if ur riding with some1 and they start 2 pull away, dont worry about them just plug on at ur on pace work out ur and ur bikes limitations slowly stay safe out there
  17. having other riders around you can be good aslong as they don't fly off you can use them as a buffer in traffic
  18. Hope you guys liked the ride.
  19. hey man, was great fun, sorry you didnt get many hgh speed runs in with the likes of me lol.

    we were gettin home ok, but in the middle of an intersection, toms bike just died. pushed it past onto the kerb, radiator cap was missing and resevoir was empty :D

    anyway, we managed to get it to my place luckily with a soft drink lid lol

    come down for another ride when you feel like being slow
  20. Missing? didn't he put it back on? or not tight enough?

    Yeah sure we'll go for another ride soonish, i've got a few planned atm.